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[Results] Spot the Difference!

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Tank Commanders!

Our Spot the Difference contest has ended, and we've identified most, if not all of the inconsistencies in the two images. Great work! While some of them may be easy to spot, a select few proved to be elusive for many.

The Winners

If you are one of the eagle-eyed participants for this contest, check out the list below to see how much you've earned:

"Hey, I answered first! Why didn't I win?"

While some entries were submitted early enough, we unfortunately had to disqualify a fair few of them because they flubbed the rules somehow. Most cases were simply due to the fact that these two rules were not followed:

  • Identify 1 of 15 changes made to the original image for a chance to win gold.
  • Each player can only submit one unedited entry. Edited entries will be disqualified.

The Answers Revealed

Can't rest easy not knowing what you missed? Take a look at this answer key and learn what you got, what you didn't and why you earned that much money:

Until next time, Tank Commanders!