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[PH] Amazing Race Contest [Updated]

Tank Commanders,

Battles are way more fun when you're with a good friend you can trust. Here's some good news for you if you're considering to start playing World of Tanks for the first time, or if you're a veteran player who loves platoons. All you have to do is join the Amazing Race Contest with a platoon buddy, and both of you can win new gaming equipment!

What is Platooning?

Two tanks are better than one. Being in a platoon allows you to enter random games together with an ally of your choice. The largest platoon size is 3, but for this contest, your platoon size will be limited to 2.

Why platoon, you ask? For starters, lone wolves are often the first to be targeted by blood-hungry tanks. When travelling in twos, it gets a lot easier to hunt for weak spots in enemy formations. Your chances of survival will also increase when you're not alone.

Read this guide to learn how to create a platoon.

More details on how to win are in the "Mechanics" section below.

[PH] Amazing Race Contest

Event Start
28 March – 17 May 2015 (23:59 UTC+8)




Amended Mechanics:

  1. Partner Players (Platoon) with the highest combined base Experience in a single battle will be the winners subject to the requirement by rules. This means both platoon member's base experience will be added up and the resulting amount is the amount to be counted.
  2. Players are to submit their best game screenshot and replay within two days after the end of the contest (May 18 and 19 only). Both Platoon Members must submit.
  3. All battles from 28 March 2015 up to 17 May 2015 23:59 UTC+8 are eligible for entry submission.
  4. No minimum 3000 battles required.
  5. All others rules not mentioned in the amendment is still in effect.


Additional Rules and Guidelines:  

  1. Player must always play with the registered Platoon (The same number of battles for both players are required)
  2. Platooning between teammates must not be higher or lower than 1 tier
  3. Players must always have REPLAYS ON in every Battle. Failure to submit to a replay request by Wargaming will result in disqualification of the team.
  4. Other grounds for disqualification includes, but not limited to:
    • Botting
    • AFK
    • Rigging
    • Any action deemed by Wargaming as unfair or cheating
  5. Wargaming reserves the right to disqualify players based on the above. Wargaming decision will be final


Note: Wargaming reserves the right to disqualify players found cheating and/or otherwise manipulating the contest in order to gain an unfair advantage over other contestants.



  • Champion Team
    x2 WG Gaming-grade Computers with Limited Edition WOT Razer Gear
  • 1st Runner Up
    x2 Limited Edition WOT Razer Gear (Headset, Mouse, Mousepad)
  • 2nd Runner Up
    x2 Wargaming Kraken headset



The invite code is valid till 17 May, 2015 and is limited to 2000 uses

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