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Packed for Pucka Dinner Competition (AUS)

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Dear Players,

Wargaming will be in Australia with feet on the ground in March to plan out some exciting events that will be coming up for our AUS/NZ player base later this year.

While in Australia, we wanted to take this opportunity to get to meet all of our AUS/NZ player base.

We could put on a fancy well organized event for a limited number of select high profile players. Or we could have something more informal and get to meet everyone. So of course the only option was to do both!

Details of the open to all, informal meet and greet IS LOCATED HERE

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Additionally we will be having a small WG Formal Dinner event after the Puckapunyal Museum trip

If you would like to join us for dinner in the Melbourne city area after the Puckapunyal event, then get your bags packed! Make up a sign "I'm Packed for Pucka" and get ready!

But first submit your photo Photo here (of you, the sign, baggage and a WOT logo somewhere) by 03 March, Sunday Midnight UTC +8
Then we will promptly pick a winner from the photos to join us for dinner.. So get Packing!!

No sorry we can't take everyone to this Meet & Greet in Melbourne, but we can meet everyone at the Pucka Museum!

There will be more dinner invite competitions held at Pucka so more chances to join us for dinner..!

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Are you Packed for Pucka ?