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MVP Event (Group 1) Results – Week 1 [UPDATED]

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Tank Commanders,

The MVP Event (Group 1) was rolled out a week ago to allow Tank Commanders to showcase their skills and boy, did we receive a lot of submissions with awesome results!

Based on the battle results submitted, the winners of the first week for the MVP Event (Group 1) have been selected. Here are the 10 winners and the list of prizes that they have won for themselves.


MVP Event (Group 1) Week 1 [UPDATED]

No Player Name Score Event Points Prize
1  Ramstein  1445 10 1,000 gold
2  Deathskyz  1430.7 9 950 gold
3  SuwakoMoriya  1418 8 900 gold
4  Einzelganger_1845 1304
7 850 gold
5  Nikolai69 1278
6 800 gold
6  Gagamba 1258
5 750 gold
7  Garnet_Crow 1241
4 700 gold
8  BloodthirstyRevenger 1232
3 650 gold
9  MrApocalypto 1209
2 600 gold
10  navigation08  1194 1 550 gold

Thank you for your interest and participation in the event. Please continue to support this event further by taking part in the following weeks.

[UPDATED] Due to a miscalculation attributed to human error, the above winner list has been updated to reflect the correct results. World of Tanks would like to extend our heartfelt apologies to the Tank Commanders affected by this change. As a form of compensation, affected players will still receive the same amount of gold and event points as promised to them in the previous list.