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Golden Joystick: Propaganda Poster Contest

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[Update]   As the Golden Joystic Contest #3 has reached its final stage we would like show you some of the entries from other servers:

You still have time to participate so don't miss your chance to win in the contest!

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Tank Commanders!

 We are proud to present to you our 3rd contest from our Golden Joystick Marathon!

No competition can be won without support. Only a dedicated and motivated community can help team to win the prize and our community loves tanks and WWII history. And what was the best inspiration to all tankers in that period – of course a good old Porpaganda Poster!

To take part in the Contest, all you need to do is to create a create an image (1024х768) that is inspired by WWII propaganda posters. Work can be both hand done or computer rendered. Once you masterpiece is ready, just upload it to a webhost (a site like Photobucket, Imageshack or Tinypic), and then post it in the special thread with your image displayed (by putting the image link within [img] [/img] tags).

Don't forget that the main theme of this contest is Goldern Joystick voting and our fight for the victory .


  • Works may be hand drawn or computer rendered
  • The poster should not violate moral, ethic, and legal norm, as well as forum and game rules
  • All the works must be submitted by October 14th 23:59 SGT
  • Each attachment needs to be 2 MB or less in a common picture format (.jpg, png, bmp, etc.) 
  • All works should have at least 1024х768 size



  • 1st place:  9.000
  • 2nd place: 8.000
  • 3rd place : 7.000
  • 4th place : 5.000
  • 5th place : 2.500


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