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Golden Joystick Contest: Best Agitation for Voting (Results)

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Tank Commanders!

We would like to announce to you the results of the first Golden Joystick Contest "Best Agitation for Voting". It was a really hard job for us to pick out the best among the many amazing works we've received, but after much thought and deliberation, we managed to come to a consensus in crowning the winner.

So here are the results you've all been wanting to find out:

Best 5 static art works:

1st Place  - Lunecute 6,000

2nd Place - Humbaba 5,000

3rd Place - amade 4,000

4th Place - d7thcommand 3,000

5th Place - StElmo 2,000


Best 5 animated art works:

1st Place - lunecute  10,000

2nd Place - d7thcommand 9,000 

3rd Place - krosis 8,000

4th Place - auldrybrax 7,000

5th Place - fighterjet111 6,000


Congratulations to all winners of this round of contest. Your gold prizes will be credited into your accounts within a week.

Thank you for your great art works. Do not be upset If you have not won in this contest as we have more contests in store for you. Our second contest is Slogan for World Of Tanks. You can find out about it here.

Have you voted for World of Tanks yet? If not we would appreciate your support!

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