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Golden Joystick Contest #2 - Results

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Tank Commanders!

Our Second Golden Joystick Contest  "Cheer Video" has just ended and we are glad to announce our winners!

The most massive slogan or chant video (massive video - number of people in video):

As we have received only one video in this category, so our First and the only place goes to the group of players:

  • SGBoys
  • RushHush
  • lunecute
  • Daniel70
  • UnknownPpl

Each of them is going to receive 3 000 gold (15 000 / 5 = 3 000)

Watch it Here


The most original / funny slogans / chant


The 1st place goes to lunecute (10 000 gold) with her catchy chant "S-H-O-O-T"

Watch it here

The 2nd place Place is taken by RushHush (with the help of lunecute) with his chant "Let's play World of Tanks". The reward is 9 000

The 3rd place has been splitted between NapoleonAK ( ex. fighterjet111) and UnknownPpl. Each of them is going to receive 4 000

Please note that the gold will be credited to your account within a week.

Thank you for all of your nice works. You can watch the rest of works here

Do not forget that we are already running our 3rd contest. Find out more here.

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