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[Contest] Flowers for Mum

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Tank Commanders!

We've found locations of some choice flowers for Mother's Day in the battlefield! Race to these locations for a chance to win gold!


  1. Limited to tanks Tier 5 and above.
  2. Submit a screenshot of your tank at either of the indicated flower locations with the user interface (UI) visible.
    • Tank must have at least 50% HP left in the screenshot.
  1. Random Battle screenshots only.
  2. Edited comments will NOT be accepted.
  3. A player may submit multiple entries for either location.





Winners (500each)

  • Top 5 players who are able to accomplish the task in the shortest amount of time (per battle timer).



  • A player may win only once for this contest. Players who have already won for the Lakeville map will not be eligible to win on the Westfield map.
  • In the event that a player has winning screenshots for both maps, the one with the shortest time will be considered as the winning entry. If both entries have the same time, the one with the higher tank HP percentage will be considered the winning entry.
  • In the event that two or more players are tied for the shortest time, the one who submitted his/her entry first shall be the winner.


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