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Emoji Tanks Contest

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Liven up your screenshots with emoji and stand to win awesome in-game prizes and premium merchandise!

What are "emoji"?

=> Emoji are pictographs or smileys commonly used in Japanese electronic messaging. Although standard smileys and icons are also considered emoji, the ones that use a combination of standard symbols and alphabets from various languages are often more expressive and have a greater degree of variance.

Emoji Tank Contest

Contest Start: 09 December, 2013 (Monday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

End: 16 December, 2013 (Monday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)



  1. Players must use an unedited in-game screenshot with UI hidden. (Press V in battle or during replay to hide the UI).
  2. Tell the screenshot's story by using speech bubbles and emoji.
    • Premade speech bubbles are available here but you can also make your own.
  3. You can send us your entries 2 ways:
    • Facebook private message (PM) -- Don't forget to include your in-game name (IGN)!
    • Through the forum messaging to Elphaba. (Note: you must be logged in to view the link.)
  4. Players can submit a maximum of 3 entries but can only win once.
  5. Deadline of entry submission is on 16 December (Monday) at 2:00pm (UTC+8).
  6. Winning entries will be posted on 17 December (Tuesday) at 2:00pm (UTC+8) on Facebook.

Prizes -- 10 winners:

  • (1) Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai + (1) garage slot (or gold equivalent if tank is already in their garage)
  • (1) Wargaming 15th Anniversary laptop bag
  • (1) Wargaming 15th Anniversary mobile charger


  • Contest is only valid for World of Tanks Asia server players.
  • Entries with offensive emoji (e.g., ones with rude gestures) will not be accepted.
  • Entries containing dialogue will not be accepted. It must be purely emoji.
  • Winners will be contacted through the forums for their mailing information.
  • Awarding of in-game rewards will be within 2 weeks after the winner announcement.
  • The laptop bag and mobile charger will be sent in January 2014.
  • Winners may need to pay taxes/ fees, depending on the customs policies of their respective countries.