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Death by Physics Forum Contest

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Tank Commanders,

If physics was never your favourite subject during school, then World of Tanks may be giving you a reason to like it now. (Ok, maybe not the dying part). With Update 8.0 comes a whole new level of gameplay which is the introduction of physics into the environment. Expect some quirky moments when you perch your tank precariously over the edge of a cliff or a riverbank. If you happen to witness a hilarious death by physics incident (or be an unfortunate victim), go trigger happy on your print screen button and submit your screenshots to us for a few laughs and a shot at 800 gold. Well, if you're the unfortunate victim in the picture, we'll promise not to laugh... too hard.

Go forth now into the realm of the unknown armed with your trusty tank, print screen button and a lightning fast finger. Let's see what new discoveries you will unearth in the process.


Death by Physics Forum Contest

Submit a screenshot of a death by physics incident to the contest forum thread here for a chance to walk away with 800 gold.

Event Start: 09 October, 2012 (Tuesday)

Event End: 26 October, 2012 (Friday) 


  • An event thread will be created in the ‘Events’ section in the forum
  • Players are to post funny screenshots of game physics death in the event thread to participate in the contest
8 random winners will walk away with 800each