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[Contest] Daddy So Stronk!

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Tank Commanders!

This weekend is Father's Day for some of our brothers and sisters in Asia, including the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. But you don't need to celebrate it to participate in this awesome contest!

Daddy So Stronk! Contest

In this contest, you're required to submit an actual screenshot of your battle results that shows the number of 'Lights' you've managed to accumulate in the Battle Efficiency table. The more Lights you get, the better your chances of winning!

What's a 'Light'?

For this contest, we refer to Lights as the Spotting, Assistance in Destroying,Vehicle modules damaged and crew members injured, Damage, and Enemy Destroyed icons. Take a look at the example shown below:

In this case, the total number of Lights accumulated for this battle is 24.

Contest Prizes

The player with the most number of Lights in his Battle Efficiency Table will be awarded the following:

  • Stronkest Daddy Ever! - Type 59 + Garage Slot (Limited to 1 Winner ONLY)

The Top 10 players with the most number of Lights (excluding the winner of Stronkest Daddy Ever! category) will be awarded the following:

  • Tank Muscles Flex! - 500 gold each (Limited to 10 Winners ONLY)

Contest Mechanics

Here's what you need to know before submitting your entry for the contest:

  1. Limited to Random Battles and tanks Tier 5 and above.
  2. Each entry should contain the following:
    1. Personal Score tab of the Battle Results window
    2. Replay of the battle
  3. Edited comments will NOT be accepted.
  4. Only screenshots and replays of battles that took place within the event period will be qualified for this contest.
  5. Players are allowed to submit multiple entries but may win only once.
  6. In the event that two or more players are tied, the one who submitted the entry first shall be the winner.
  7. Each post must only contain one screenshot (two screenshots in cases where the Battle Efficiency scroll bar is active) and one replay. Please create a new post if you wish to submit another entry.
  8. Entries where allied tanks were damaged will not be accepted.
  9. Deadline of entry submission is on 20 June 2014 at 14:00 (UTC+8).

 So who's up to win a Type 59? Send us your entries now!


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