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World of Tanks Song Creation Contest

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Greetings Tank Commanders,

We will be holding a song creation contest. Tank Commanders are able to compose your original "World of Tanks" themed songs and post your music video up on youtube for submission in this forum.
Players are able to submit your songs in your own localized language.

World of Tanks Song Creation Contest

Event Start:  15 August, 2013  (Thursday)
Event End:     02 September, 2013  (Monday) @ 14.00 UTC+8

Instructions for submission:

1. Upload your video to youtube.
2. Create post and link video with media tag.
3. Post your In-Game Nickname along with your submission.

Your music video will be judged according to the following criteria.

  • Lyrics -/10
  • Sound -/10
  • Originality -/10
  • Visual -/10
  • Total: -/10


All rules pertaining to World of Tanks, World of Tanks forums, youtube and international laws applies.


1st 20,000
2nd: 18,000

Submit your themes song Here