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Commentator's Contest Entries [UPDATED]


21 new entries have been uploaded on 04 February, 2013. Check them out!

This contest has attracted lots of entries from different players around the world and it's great to be able to listen to awesome commentaries done by individuals with their own unique style.Today's new entries have all been updated onto the Commentator's Contest micro page. Recent submissions have been getting more frequent and better with each one so do check out the list of videos and lend your support to these Tank Commanders for their job well done.

The deadline for this contest has been extended to 4th February so there's still time to take part before voting commences in Phase 2. Let's see your entry in the list as well!


If you haven't the slightest inkling of what's going on, we're holding a contest to find the Tank Commander with the best commentary! All you need to do is to perform a commentary on a World of Tanks replay of your choice, post the video on Youtube and then submit the link to this email address: to participate.

The contest is still ongoing and we're accepting entries from now until 31 January, 2013 (Thursday). There's still time for you to participate but you need to act fast! Take this opportunity now to showcase your talent and you could be getting your hands on a cool $2,000 cash prize soon.

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