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Best Screenshot (Forum Event)

Tank Commanders,

Come take part in our best screenshot contest and stand to win in-game gold as prizes! Simply take a screenshot in-game and post it up in the forum thread here.


Best Screenshot (Forum Event)

Event Duration: 12th May, 2012 (Saturday) – 21st May, 2012 (Monday)


  • Screenshots should show tanks engaging in fierce combat. For example, tanks exchanging fire, explosions etc.
  • Submitted screenshots must include a caption.


Top 3 winners and 4 consolation prizes will be decided.

1st prize - 500 gold

2nd prize - 400 gold

3rd prize - 300 gold

Consolation prize – 200 gold each


Selection Criteria:

Winners will be selected by an internal judging panel based on relevance to the chosen theme. All decisions made are final.

Contest Terms & Conditions:

Entries submitted should not contain the following:
1. Defamatory remarks
2. Profanity, inappropriate language or abbreviations there of
3. Personal abuse or attacks
4. Racial, religious, sexual, national or ethnic, slurs or insults. This includes "jokes" in bad taste.

Entries which violate the above mentioned will not be entertained.