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Art of War II Contest

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Tank Commanders!

Excited about the new Update 8.4? Here's something else for you to cheer about - To welcome in the newly released patch, we're giving everyone an opportunity to display your skills and demonstrate your prowess on the battlefield with a contest. Fight it out to reach the top 100 placings for each of the new British tank destroyers and German light tanks which will be entering the fray with this update and we'll recognize your achievements with rewards of gold and premium tanks.

In order to participate, you simply need to battle with the following tanks starting from 7th March, 2013 (Thursday) after the patch release until 08 April, 2013 (Monday) @ 07:59 UTC+8 (07 April, 2013 @ 23:59 UTC). We will then take the results from every battle played between these dates to form a top 100 list based on the highest experience earned in a single battle. There are 10 British tank destroyers and 3 German light tanks so there will be a total of 13 top 100 lists.

British Tank Destroyers: German Light Tanks:


Contest Details:

  •  The battle results counted will not include bonuses. (Premium Account, Double XP for the first victory of the day, etc)
  •  Only the battles from random battles will count. Battles from clan wars and company battles will not count.
  •  Players don’t need to submit any screenshots or replays in order to win, Wargaming will be pulling the statistics directly from our database. (So players not meeting the above requirements will not have those matches counted)
  • All results, which were received with attempts of abusing the system (for example, fake fights in random), will be removed from the winners list

From all the battles played on each tank by all the SEA players, the players ending up as the top 100 XP winners will be awarded the following:

Tier Tank Top 100 for each tank will receive:


  • Pz. I
  • Pz. I Ausf.С
  • Pz. II Ausf.G
  • Universal Carrier QF 2 pounder
  • Valentine AT
  • Alecto

1,000 Gold!


  • AT 2
  • AT 8
  • Gun Carrier Churchill
  • AT 7
  • AT 15

2,500 Gold!


  • А39 Tortoise
  • FV215b 183

5,000 Gold!


But that’s not all! Additionally, the Top 3 from each of the 13 Top 100 Lists will receive:

For 1st place

VIII Type 59 + Garage Slot

For 2nd Place


VII Type 62 + Garage Slot

For 3rd Place


One month premium account!

If you already have one of these tanks in the hanger (Type 59 or Type 62) you will be compensated with gold: 7500 for the Type 59 and 4800 for the Type 62.

Good luck Tank Commanders and Roll Out! 

Valentine AT