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Anniversary Maneuvers - Medium Tanks [UPDATED]

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Tank Commanders!

Medium tanks are in the house so take them out for a spin on the battlefields and you could be bringing home some premium tanks or gold back to your garage.

Similar to the Art of War contest, you need to play on the selected tanks and frag your way to the top 50 placings by earning as much EXP as you can. Each month will feature a specific type of vehicle so you need to take note of the tanks in the contest for that month.

All vehicles of that type, aside of premium vehicles will take part in the contest.

To participate, you simply need to battle with the following tanks starting from 15th September, 2013 (Sunday) until 15th October, 2013 (Tuesday) @ 07:59 UTC+8 (14th October, 2013 @ 23:59 UTC). We will then take the results from every battle played between these dates to form a top 50 list based on the highest experience earned in a single battle.

Anniversary Maneuvers - Medium Tanks

For this Anniversary Maneuvers contest, medium tanks will be taking center stage. There are 55 medium tanks for you to compete with and a total of 3,074 prizes to be give away.

Contest Start: 15th September, 2013 (Sunday) @ 22:00 UTC+8 (14:00 UTC)

Contest End: 15th October, 2013 (Tuesday) @ 07:59 UTC+8 (14th October, Monday @ 23:59 UTC)


Contest Details:
  •  The battle results counted will not include bonuses. (Premium Account, Double XP for the first victory of the day, etc)
  •  Only the battles from random battles will count. Battles from clan wars and company battles will not count.
  •  Players don’t need to submit any screenshots or replays in order to win, Wargaming will be pulling the statistics directly from our database. (So players not meeting the above requirements will not have those matches counted)
  • All results, which were received with attempts of abusing the system (for example, fake fights in random), will be removed from the winners list

Win Gold...

From all the battles played on each tank, the players ending up as the top 50 EXP winners will be awarded the following:

I I   Vickers Medium Mk. I  3,000
II T2 Medium Tank
II  Vickers Medium Mk. II
III M2 Medium Tank
III  Vickers Medium Mk. III
IV T-28
IV Pz. Kpfw. III
IV VK 20.01 (D)
IV  M3 Lee
IV Matilda
V T-34
V Pz. Kpfw. III/IV
V Pz. Kpfw. IV
V M4 Sherman
V M7
V Type T-34
VI T-34-85
VI VK 30.01 (P)
VI VK 30.01 (D)
Vk 30.02 (M) [UPDATED]
VI M4A3E8 Sherman
VI M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo
VI Cromwell
VI Type 58
VII Pz. Kpfw. V Panther
VII VK 30.02 (D)
VII Comet
VII T-34-1
  VIII T-44
VIII Object 416 [UPDATED]
VIII Indien-Panzer
VIII Panther II
VIII M26 Pershing
VIII Centurion Mk. I
VIII T-34-2
IX IX T-54
IX E-50
IX Leopard prototyp A
IX M46 Patton
IX T54E1
IX Centurion Mk. 7/1
IX Lorraine 40 t
IX WZ-120
X X T-62A
X Object 140 [UPDATED]
X E-50 Ausf. M
X Leopard 1
X M48A1 Patton
X FV4202
X Bat Chatillon 25 t
X 121

Win Premium Tanks...

But that’s not all! Additionally, the Top 3 from each Tier will receive:

For example: Object 268, JagdPz E-100 and other Tier X tanks will compete in one category for these Top-3 prizes.

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place

MT VIII Type 59
+ Garage Slot

LT VII Type 62
+ Garage Slot

  HT IV Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)
+ Garage Slot

If you already have one of these tanks in the hanger (Type 59, Type 62 or  Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)), you will be compensated with their in-game equivalent in gold.

Grand Prix Prize

An additional Grand Prix prize will be rewarded to the player who enters TOP-3 on the most amount of Tiers and is Top-1 at least once. Grand Prix winner will receive 15 years of Premium Account. If there is no winner for the month, the prize will go to the following month. If there are the same amount of entries in TOP achieved by 2 or more players, a point system will be in place:

  • 1st place - 3 points
  • 2nd place - 2 points
  • 3rd place -1 point

The player with the highest amount of points will receive the prize. In the event of a draw, two players will receive the prize.

Good luck Tank Commanders and Roll Out!