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[Contest] The Art of War: Japanese Tanks

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Tank Commanders!

Update 8.10 has arrived, unleashing a new line of Japanese vehicles to the World of Tanks. Will you become a master of the newest tech tree and surpass your peers with your skills in piloting Japanese tanks? If you wish to do so, show us your skills and we will reward you handsomely!

The Art of War: Japanese Tanks

Contest Start: 24th December, 2013 (Tuesday) @ after Update 8.10

Contest End: 24th January, 2014 (Friday) @ 07:59 UTC+8 (23:59 UTC)

In this Art of War contest, we will be judging your performance in the 13 new Japanese tanks released in Update 8.10. To participate, simply play the game in the tanks listed below and rack up as much EXP as you can in a single battle:

  • Tier I NC27 Otsu
  • Tier II Tpe 97 Chi-Ni
  • Tier II Type 95 Ha-Go
  • Tier III Type 97 Chi-Ha
  • Tier III Type 98A Ke-Ni
  • Tier IV Type 1 Chi-He
  • Tier IV Type 5 Ke-Ho
  • Tier V Type 3 Chi-Nu
  • Tier VI Type 4 Chi-To
  • Tier VII Type 5 Chi-Ri
  • Tier VIII STA-1 
  • Tier IX Type 61
  • Tier X STB-1

Rewards will be distributed according to the Tier that your tank belongs to, from Tiers I to X. There are lots of rewards to give away, so scroll down to see what you can win!



Contest Details

  •  The battle results counted will not include bonuses. (Premium Account, Double XP for the first victory of the day, etc)
  •  Only the battles from random battles will count. Battles from clan wars and company battles will not count.
  •  Players don’t need to submit any screenshots or replays in order to win, Wargaming will be pulling the statistics directly from our database. (So players not meeting the above requirements will not have those matches counted)
  • All results, which were received with attempts of abusing the system (for example, fake fights in random), will have possible game sanctions placed upon the offending players.





To be considered as a winner and receive a gold reward, you must be one of the top 100 players with the most EXP gained in a single random battle for that tier. This means that there will be 1,000 winners in total (100 players x 10 tiers).

There are three reward levels for different tank tiers: 1,000, 2,500 and 5,000 gold. Take a look at the table below to see the gold rewards specific to each tier.


Note: For tiers with more than one tank (e.g. Tier II), player results between all tanks within the tier will be counted
                as one single category.


List of Eligible Tanks

Gold Reward

Tier I NC27 Otsu


Tier II
Type 95 Ha-Go
Type 97 Chi-Ni

Tier III
Type 98A Ke-Ni
Type 97 Chi-Ha

Tier IV
Type 5 Ke-Ho
Type 1 Chi-He
Tier V Type 3 Chi-Nu


Tier VI Type 4 Chi-To
Tier VII Type 5 Chi-Ri
Tier IX Type 61


Tier X STB-1



Premium Tanks

In addition to the gold rewards, the top 3 players from each Tier will receive a special premium tank as a reward:

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place

MT VIII Type 59
+ Garage Slot

LT VII Type 62
+ Garage Slot

  SPG V 105 leFH18B2
+ Garage Slot



15 Years Premium

As the Grand Prize for our Art of War contest, we will be giving 15 years of Premium time for free to the best player of each tier, from Tiers VI to X. Again, the player with the absolute highest amount of EXP gained in a single random battle will be considered the winner.


So what are you waiting for? Time to grab a tank and win some rewards!

Good luck, Tank Commanders! Roll out!