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[Contest] Rush to Tier X: Japanese Tech Tree

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Tank Commanders,

It's no secret that speedruns are few and far between in World of Tanks. To us, tanks are meant to be treasured, be it a lowly T1 or the mighty Maus. So we play them in countless battles, learning their quirks, their strengths and weaknesses, seeking to earn that elusive Mastery badge.

But no longer. The new line of Japanese tanks rolls out today, along with a unique opportunity. Right now, nobody has yet to complete the climb in the Japanese tech tree and acquire an STB-1 Tier X Medium Tank, so now we pose a challenge to all of you:

Who will be the first in the Rush to Tier X?

Rush to Tier X: Japanese Tech Tree

Contest Start: 24th December, 2013 (Tuesday) @ after Update 8.10

Contest End: 14th January, 2014 (Tuesday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Contest Details

  • For this forum contest, all participants must prove to us that they are one of the first players to reach Tier X in the Japanese Tech Tree, and that they own the STB-1 Medium Tank in their garage (The only Tier X vehicle in the Japanese Tech Tree).
  • To prove that they have completed this objective, all participants must provide supporting evidence by posting screenshots in the forum thread that clearly shows their achievement.
  • Forum moderators and administrators will personally verify these screenshots and players' claims to select the winners.
  • The first 25 players to have their screenshots verified will be the winners of the contest!



All 25 winners of the contest will receive an amazing 2,500each as their prize!


The rush to Tier X begins now. Good luck, tank commanders!


Visit the contest thread in the Forums