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Special edition.First Campaign

Greetings Tank Commanders,

In today's episode, we managed to snag some time with Producer for Clan Wars, Mr Kirill Mal, to dig up some juicy information about the Clan Wars First Campaign.

Campaign? What campaign?

If you don't know what campaign we are referring to, we're talking about a new campaign for Clan Wars which was announced recently to bring about a much more engaging experience that is more accessible to players and of course, reward participants with epic prizes that will be more than worth their while. Judging from this week's poll about the rewards available in the campaign, a majority have polled the M60 tank as the most appealing amongst all the rewards. If you're one of those who voted for this sought after vehicle, we'd like to let you know that Mr Kirill Mal will be talking about and revealing more juicy bits about it in the Q&A session.

Get the answers you've been looking for about Clan Wars First Campaign in the video below!