New Feature: Automatic Matchmaking in Strongholds!

Tank Commanders!

Update 1.1 brings an important new feature to Strongholds: The ability to automatically search for teams and players. Finding the right teammates or legionnaires to battle alongside just got way easier!

Joining A Detachment

We've revamped the Clan Battles window for use in Strongholds. Want to jump right into the action? All you need to do to find a suitable detachment is to select your desired vehicle in the "Detachment Autosearch" tab and click "Battle!". A detachment of players with an average skill level that matches yours will automatically be formed according to the tank lineup selected by the Detachment Commander.

Naturally, manually joining teams from the detachment list will work the same way as before — just switch to the “Detachment List” tab.

Forming A Detachment

The Detachment Commander's life is now easier, too. If you want to quickly find players for your team, you no longer have to wait until someone joins the detachment to ask them what vehicles they have. You can simply define the types of vehicles you'd like your teammates to use, or even specify particular vehicles:

Once you're done adding players from your clan, you can fill the remaining slots with legionnaires. Just set the parameters for the potential allies you'd like to recruit and click "Battle!" to begin the search.

About Legionnaires

Autosearch Availability

The autosearch feature will always be active for Skirmishes in division VI. For divisions VIII and X, the system is only available on Sundays, the day when War Games take place in Strongholds.

This way, searching for both teams to play in or players to play with during the busiest period in Strongholds will be easier.

NOTE: The autosearch feature is still being tweaked and tested; please share your feedback about it on the forums so that we can continue to improve on it!

Good luck on the battlefield!