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Interview with pred_error and comix from [DPS]

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Hi Tank Commanders!

Our Community Manager, Conan interviewed pred_error (Commander) and comix (Deputy Commander) of Dumb Pubbeh Safari [DPS] regarding their recent Clan Wars Campaigns win in Stage III: Revolution Epoch. Read the full interview below.

1. Please introduce yourself and your clan to us.

Hi this is Commander pred_error and Deputy Commander comix of DPS. DPS was founded on the base of several unicum regular platoon mates who wanted to have an experience in Clan Wars where players of the same calibre and similar personalities could be put together in an organised fashion without stress or hassle. Our members hail from every part of Asia with almost all countries within the region being represented with at least one clan member. Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Russia, Vietnam, and India.

2. DPS is a 'young' clan compared to the others competing in clan wars. Does being so have any effect on your performance?

We are still in shock with the amount of great players showing absolute trust by joining such a new untested clan with only our own names to stand behind.

With all our players backing with their individual skills and being regular platoon mates we were quick to organize with great team cohesion and till this day not holding a single training session. Our only fault is the fact that DPS is made up of players from all over Asia with some not even understanding English and having to build a buddy system for Mandarin, Thai, Vietnamese speakers in-battle.


3. Did you use any particular strategies during this stage?

There are many views on this but personally it was refreshing to roll out some of the tanks I have not played in a long time and it provided a diverse range of clans to bring us challenges. We certainly had much discussion on what tanks would be required for the different tiers and suitable for the maps we played on.


4. How did it feel getting back to Tier 10 Clan Wars matches?

DPS being a young team never really had a chance to run many Tier 10 matches together and was only active in Clan Wars for a week before Campaign started. This is a nice change and gives us a better view of our mistakes and a chance to fix those errors.


5. I overhear you guys in TeamSpeak and you always sound very serious when it comes to Clan Wars. How serious was it, really?

We were certainly confident in getting into the Top 5 for this stage but the many requests from our very competitive players to get No. 1 spot had us back on the drawing board and with assistance from our Alliance it was easily achievable even with risking PVP holding only a single province and it being a landing zone!


6. Any event or  specific battle that forced you to change tactics drastically?

As mentioned in the above answer, we had to comply to our players reasonable request and take up more provinces from our Alliance than planned to achieve the win. We in DPS are always open to players input and hold after battle reports as a common practice to build a nice comfortable family environment.


7. So what's next for DPS?

Awaiting the Victory Points to gold payout (all for pred lol), the return of Clan Wars to give our eager East time zone grunts battles and future Campaigns. Meanwhile our tourney teams, Team Efficiency, Avant-Garde, Insidious Gaming, and Rush are busy training participating in Tanks Asia Season 1. We wish all the best to all DPS teams as well as our Alliance's teams!


8. Thank you pred_error and comix and my congratulations to you guys! Any final Comments before we wrap it up?

Thank you so much, Conan, if only we had a bet for you to cosplay for us. We weren't expecting this as WG maybe worried to have an interview with us for the trolls. We await for more surprises thrown into the mix for Campaigns!

A big shout out to The Triads (SDRHB & PVP) for without them we will not have a chance on our own against the massive Alliances already on the map. Thanks also to these great individuals, djuice & EVAnglion from DPS, Pangea, TheTrap, 4lt (BigtheBudo), Ashigaru_musketeer, opelisk, VeyN from SDRHB, Bakal & CommanderMuerte from PVP who have made diplo talks always fun and enjoyable with many funny moments shared.

We owe much to Carves for donating a TeamSpeak server for DPS and friends, we will repay your kindness with daily DPS pubbeh rage and sick avatars.

Lastly many thanks and Bella hugs to everyone in DPS for sacrificing so much of their time and sleep, having faith in us and patiently waiting for results.