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Interview with MrE from [Misguided Pacifists]

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Hi Tank Commanders!

[Misguided Pacifists] rose above all in Stage II, "Rise and Fall" of the Clan Wars campaign. We managed to grab hold of MrE, the commander of the clan to ask a few questions about them. Read the full interview below.

Please introduce yourself and your clan to us.

My name is MrE and I am the commander of MP. The clan was created by TSP members who transferred across from the NA server during the September move back in 2012. The clan quickly increased in numbers from transferees from some of the best clans on the NA such as G, Fury, forge etc.

When building the clan my main goal was to create a professional clan which is centered on achieving excellence while having a friendly and fun environment for its members.  We pride ourselves on being honest and loyal with our allies and competitive with our enemies.

What strategies did you use to win this stage?

We seized control of a number of high value provinces and tried to keep the low value provinces at a minimum so that were able to effectively police riots and external incursions. Thanks to the assistance of our allies this wasn't a problem. We then sat on these for most of the stage and handed them over to allies the night before the stage's end. The last night we moved back in to those provinces and ransacked them to milk the most out of the VP points right at the very end of the stage.

What were the most difficult challenges you faced in achieving your placing?

The most difficult challenge was to coordinate the group effort of the eastern alliance. Given the size of the alliance, chip movement required a massive amount of coordination. Luckily the alliance members are hardworking and have a deep appreciation for the alliance's common goals which makes it easier to work together. Additionally, since we had less gold on the eastern side of the map meant that we had to avoid being ransacked.  This would have opened up a gap for the western clans which would have been hard to close. Lastly, time zone management is always difficulty regardless of the objective.

Did the new patch alter your strategies and lineups?

Definitely, we found that we did not use arty as much as before as it was not delivering the damage needed to provide a decisive advantage. We had to adjust the game play to a more dynamic gameplay which does not rely on “digging out” enemies from fortified positions.

What did you think of the tiers 7 and 8 in the campaigns?

Most players have a large selection of Tier 7 and 8 tanks: furthermore, this tier level offered a lot of well balanced tanks, TDs and Lights. This allows battle commanders great flexibility and varity in choosing a tank line up and strategy at this tier level.

Some of the standouts at tier 7 were; the T29, while always awesome when hull down it also excelled with superior gun depression and over all flexibility as a heavy; also the T71, picked as the scout of choice and with the added punch of an auto loader was always selected in Clan Wars.  With so many well balanced vehicles at tier 8 we saw the most diverse tank selection of clan wars yet.

Each map and strategy allowed for the use of many different vehicles. That said, special mention goes out to the T69 Auto loader. It plays like a medium but punches like a heavy and no team should be without them. As always the French 13-90 comes into its own in the ever important scouting roll.

Any honorable mentions or special thanks?

MP would like to pay special thanks to the troops, it's your eagerness for battle and readiness to respond to the changing clanwars landscape that keeps MP in the favorable position we have earned for most of our history as a clan. To our Field Commanders: Snibbo, Horror, Brannor, Freya, Zero, Guerdon, TexWalker, Rekky, Lt_Armstrong, Prince_Machiavelli that keep devising new ways of frustrating our enemies and giving our guys every edge you can.

To the beauty and the brains of the operation, Soulspectre, for setting up and maintaining a professional atmosphere.

Big thanks to all the members of the Eastern Campaign Alliance and especially the diplos and commanders that have volunteered many late nights of drawing arrows and numbers on maps, without your strength by our side the objectives we have achieved so far may well have been out of reach.

Any final thoughts?

I would like to wish the best of luck to all the clans that are still trying to obtain the all elusive M60.