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Interview with DeerHunter666 from [FURY]

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Hi Tank Commanders!

Our Community Contributor, Chappo caught up with MF_Deerhunter666 of Clan [FURY] who came out tops in Stage I of the Clan Wars First Campaign. Find out more about this clan and their future plans by reading the interview below!

Please introduce yourself and your clan to us.

I am Deerhunter666 the commander of FURY. FURY was an initiative of four members from MDK an early SEA tourney Team who did well but was looking to do more with Clan Wars coming. I took leadership not long after formation and took on the role of building the clan by canvassing the concept of merging a number of clans in preparation for Clan Wars.

Was it in the game plan to go straight for the top 5 in the opening stage?

Yes, we are a part of a strong alliance and it was agreed that FURY would aim for the Top 5 and we formed strategies to achieve this.
FURY’s goal was not to be in the Top 5 but to be No.1.

We have a mixed clan from many nations and I applaud all our players who would come home early to play in the Time Zone we chose.
We strategically chose certain provinces to land on during the “re-division of the world”.

This was not as easy as we hoped as the provinces we chose were popular including a key province for the first night.
With as many as possible 6 battles for some provinces on the first night we won five out of the 6 we aimed for.
This put us in the good strategic position we aimed for.

In preparation for the first night we undertook many training battles, company battles and of course Clan Wars battles.
We knew we had to come up with many strategies for the limited variations of maps that we chose.
Clan wars Campaigns offered many new challenges to us.

Tier 1 is not as easy as many would of expected and we met many new clans on the first night.
This new style of playing these different tiers saw many of our players having to go back and repurchase lower tier tanks and transfer skilled crews. It was not until we got to tier IV that we started feeling comfortable as this level is sometimes played in Tank Company battles.

What did you think of the lower tiers in the campaigns?

There are many views on this but personally it was refreshing to roll out some of the tanks I have not played in a long time and it provided a diverse range of clans to bring us challenges. We certainly had much discussion on what tanks would be required for the different tiers and suitable for the maps we played on.

Any old favourites? Or new ones?

I have not played the M4Sherman before and that was chosen. I enjoyed the derp on it and roll it out for a pub battle now. It is now on my primary list of tanks.

Do you think the lower tier tanks worked in getting more players involved in Clan Wars?

Yes, this was clearly demonstrated to me with a diverse range of players being introduced onto the battlefield. I recalled being surprised at some of the talent out there in the lower tier tanks. I think all players had fun in the lower tiers and it is a good breeding area exposing players to Clan Wars and we kept our recruiting eyes open.

I think it was the most clans I have seen on the ASIA Clan Wars map.

Can you offer some advice to the smaller clans trying to force their way onto the map? You made reference to how FURY formed from smaller clans, do you think that would help?

Absolutely, I know it is a great concept to have your own clan and there are many small clans with good game play skills but it is also a game of chess and you need at least two teams of 15 active players and a minimum of 45 chips to start to be effective.
I strongly recommend smaller clans to look to merge to be effective in Clan Wars/Campaigns.

Toughest competition/ battle?

It all becomes a blur with so many battles but I must tip my hat to the players in -4S- on Ensk. We took them out the first night without a second thought but later caught up with them and they unnerved us for a night or two. A change in battle caller and we found our mojo back again.

The first night was the hardest as we had to field if I can remember 3 “A” player teams continuously for a number of hours. It was probably the most rewarding night.

Any clan surprise you with an unorthodox strat or lineup?

Yes, the aggressive nature of -4S- was similar to ours, it caused us to play more defensively which is not our style.

Plans for FURY for the upcoming stages?

Look, we are not greedy and do not have goals to win other stages. Our alliance has goals for others in our alliance and we will support them. This may mean that we have to be more aggressive as a strike force or be defensive. All I can say is my players always expect that I will bring them challenges and that we never know what surprises Wargaming will throw our way. Oh, I must say number 1 at the end of the campaign would be nice.

Any honourable mentions or special thanks?

Firstly, all our players for making the extra effort, it was not a comfortable time zone for our players from Asia. Many came home early from work, school, university etc. Many players had a cold dinner…

Many thanks to SweetBreads my primary battle caller, MF_Ajax for some good strategies, Soulspectre (from MP) for interclan organisation, all my officers for assistance (they know the effort they put in). WarGaming ASIA staff for trying to keep us informed as best they could.
Our Sponsors MindFreak for believing in the core of our players, and Wargaming of course for bringing us the challenge.

Congratulations again on winning the top spot and not to mention the much sought after M60! Any final thoughts?

Thank you Chappo, it was fun. Wargaming just keep bringing us the challenge. Clan Wars/ Campaigns brings the best out of us. Looking forward to doing just as well in the tournaments if good fortune smiles upon us.