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[Clan Wars] Global Map First Season Announcement [UPDATED]

Clan Wars
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Tank Commanders!
World of Tanks team is proud to announce the availability of Seasons on the Global Map. This feature will allow clans to fight on the Global Map with a new purpose.

Seasons on the Global Map

The Seasons model represents time periods in which clans will fight on special fronts with customised settings. Seasonal fronts will operate for a limited time; at the end of each season the winners will be determined in each of the allowed formats - VI, VIII, and X vehicle Tiers.

Seasons differ from the usual gameplay on the Global map in several ways:

  • Flexible Global Map configuration allows the setting of Season parameters depending on the need - tank tiers, fronts size, conditions of territory seizure or their profitability.
  • Now confrontation on the Global map will not be infinite and will have appropriate purpose. Boundary timings of each season will help to determine real winners and award them with special season awards.
  • At the end of each season fronts will be wiped and players will be able to participate in events or campaigns with great prizes on the Global map. Thus, the season will be a period of time when clans will be able to prepare for battles for big prizes and achievements.
  • Unlike gaming events or campaigns passing through a rigorous scenario, clans will have more freedom during seasons and each clan can choose the intensity of their actions itself.
  • Throughout a season clans could improve their achievements in special ranking, similar to Alley of Fame during events or campaigns. The results of each season will be stored on special pages and data will be available for viewing at any time.

The first season will start on October 16 2015 with the Tier VI season front opening along with the Operation Safari event, and will last until the start of Campaign 4. Tier VIII and X fronts will be opened on GM on October 27 2015. During the first season, new mechanics and the general operation of the seasonal model on Global map will be tested. After the event ends tier VIII and X season fronts will be opened. At the end of the first season, the best clans will be awarded with unique medals, clan badges and first season participant emblems per each division.

First season terms may be slightly changed, which will be announced in advance. In case of simultaneous launch of Operation Safari and Tier VI season front, the terms of Tier VI seasonal front will be longer than VIII and X fronts. Tier VI, VIII and X season fronts closer will be done simultaneously at the end of the season.

It is time to identify the strongest!

Season Front Settings

Click here to learn about the map list used in the Season.

Click here to learn more about Season 1 Fronts.

Victory Points

While participating in battles in a season, clans will be able to earn Victory Points that will allow them to qualify for the end of season awards.

  1. Victory Points will be awarded according to the following formula:

    • Victory_Points - Victory points

    • Victory_Points_base - Victory points coefficient of current event - 100

    • Battle_type_c - Battle type coefficient

    • Elo_c - Elo-rating coefficient

    • Team_XP - Amount of experience gained by team in battle

    • Battle_XP - Amount of experience gained by both teams in battle

  2. Boosting Coefficient
    All boosting coefficients for the First season are available in the tables below. The amount of Victory points result counts after all coefficients are applied.

    Battle type coefficient (Battle_type_c)
    Tournament on province with landing 1
    Tournament on province with auction 3
    Battle against owner 10

    Elo-rating coefficient (Elo_c)

    Enemy Clan ELO RatingElo_c
    < = 1000 1.0
    1001 - 1200 1.1
    1201 - 1400 1.2
    1401 -  1600 1.3
    1601 - 1800 1.4
    1801 - 2000 1.5
    2001 - 2200 1.6
    2201 - 2400 1.7
    2401 - 2600 1.8
    2601 - 2800 1.9
    2801 + 2.0

Awards and Memorial Inscriptions

Prizes will be awarded to clan members according to first season results:

Unique clan medals for Tier VI/VIII/X season fronts

Season winner, Class ISeason winner, Class IISeason winner, Class IIISeason Elite
Season Veteran


Season winner, Class ISeason winner, Class IISeason winner, Class IIISeason Elite
Season Veteran


Season winner, Class ISeason winner, Class IISeason winner, Class IIISeason Elite
Season Veteran

Participant Emblem


Clan Emblem


Prize Places Distribution

Prize places in Tier VI/VIII/X season fronts will be distributed as follows:

Max. PositionMin. PositionMedalClan EmblemParticipant Emblem
1 - Winner of the First season 1st class  
2 - Winner of the First season 2nd class  
3 - Winner of the First season 3rd class  
4 10% Season Elite  
10% 50% Season Veteran Not Awarded  


"Season Elite" and "Season Veteran" will be distributed according to appropriate range in clans standings. For example, a clan who managed to get into range from 4th place and into 10% of best clans by season results, will be awarded with the "Season Elite" medal. And the clan who get into 10% - 50% range of the best clans will be awarded with the "Season Veteran" medal.

Penalties system

Note: For complete information on the rules and rule enforcement, the full list can be found on the forums here.

  • In the First season on the Global Map a system of penalties will operate, which is introduced in order to secure active clans from possible battle absenteeism. The system operates automatically and reacts to the information at the end of each battle.
  • If a Clan with a Division on a province enters a battle and the team consists of less than (5 players tier 6) (8 players tier 8) (12 players tier 10) , penalties will be applied to the Clan. [UPDATED]
  • The system of penalties will be progressive - the more violations clan will have, the higher the penalties for such action.
  • In case of the first three violations, the clan will be sent warnings messages about the violations. After three warnings the penalties system will be activated, which will be applied to the clan after each subsequent violation.
  • The system is configured in such a way that selects punishment level on the basis of information about violations in the last 7 days.
  • The list of penalties for battles rules violation (becomes effective after three warnings) are as follows:

    Amount of absences for the last 7 daysPenalties
    1. Warning notification to clan

    1. 10% of Victory points fine a clan farmed
    2. 10% of clan Influence points fine

    1. 10% of Victory points fine a clan farmed
    2. 20% of clan Influence points fine
    3. 50% of landing applications fine on season front

    1. 10% of Victory points fine a clan farmed
    2. 30% of clan Influence points fine
    3. 100% of landing applications fine on season front
  • Penalty system example:
    • If a clan made its first offense 4 days ago and makes another one today, the system will evaluate the amount of violations in the past 7 days and will apply sanctions to the clan referred to in paragraph 2 on the table above.
  • If both clans do not come to battle, the system will count both clans as absent.