Global Map: Gold Mines & Mid-Season Break


Remember the 'gold pots' we mentioned earlier? Several gold mines have recently reared their glimmering heads on certain spots on the Global Map, but they are geologically unstable and can only sustain excavation for a limited period of time. You'd best hurry if you want to be the first to lay claim to these precious resources!

IMPORTANT: The mid-Season break will take place 12 Aug 05:00 UTC +8 - 14 Aug 05:00 UTC +8, during which Global Map will freeze for 48 turns.

Below is a list of places where you will be able to find the gold mines. Holding a province from the list will give you a much higher gold yield per day. We call them...


  • Tier X (27 Jul - 3 Aug)
  • Tier X (3 - 12 Aug)
  • Tier X (22 - 29 Aug)


Base Income

Enhanced Income

Barcaldine 480 3,000
Wallangarra 144 3,000
Albury 480 3,000


Base income

Enhanced income

Yass 144 3,000
Injune 360 3,000
Juliacreek 480 3,000


Base Income

Enhanced income

Brandersmountain 144 3,000
Bogantungan 360 3,000
Jindabyne 360 3,000

The Hunt for the Gold Mines Begins!

In order for a clan to benefit from this event, you need to conquer and hold one of the provinces listed above. The gold will arrive in your treasury just like all other provinces. It will be up to your clan to decide if you think you are good enough to hold them until the last day for the maximum amount of gold.


  • The Ransack function will remain switched on for these provinces. More information about Ransacking can be found here.
  • Firefly provinces will not revolt. Make sure to account for this when making your battle plans.

Please take the time to let us know what you think about this event in the Clan Wars forum.


Let's Battle!