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Clan Wars Resumed

Clan Wars
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Tank Commanders!

Clan Wars has resumed so place your chips now and take a shot at landing on the Global map. With every province available to land on, your odds have never been better!

All of the regular mechanics will be returning in the Standard (Sandbox) Mode, including Rioting and Ransacking. There will be no tier restrictions either, so grab your biggest and best tank and hit your enemies hard!

Good luck!

  1. Map has been fully wiped. All cooldowns reset.
    • all provinces will be given to 'NPC' clan
    • all battles, tournament tables will be erased, chips returned to reserve without penalties
    • cooldowns on chips in reserve and HQ will be reset
    • all riots (planned, happened or postponed) will be removed
    • all cooldowns on ransacked provinces will be reset
    • all agents will be removed
  2. All provinces and landing zones returrn to pre-Campaign stance.
  3. All income returned to pre-campaign stance
  4. Riots and ransacking enabled
  5. Re-division of the world will be enabled for 2 days after unlocking the map

During ‘Re-division of the World’, the maximum number of applications for each landing tournament will be limited to 32. Every hour, the system will randomly shuffle last turn’s applications and add them to the end of the accepted applications. Once the limit is reached, all applications beyond 32 clan-participants will be canceled. All chips used for such unsuccessful applications will be sent to the clan’s reserve without additional penalties (no cooldown).