Global Map: Convoys Ready to Roll Out!

Tank Commanders!

Are you ready to start sending (and receiving!) precious resources from your allies? On 8 November, the much-anticipated Convoy mechanics will become available, and you'll even be able to start reclaiming some of the credits you've expended in Global Map battles. So if you were planning an all-out attack on your deadliest rival clan, now's the time to launch it!

Plus, to ensure you have plenty of time to enjoy the new features, Season 10 will be extended till 30 November.

Sounds like a plan? Read on to find out more!

Conquer the Global Map!

Season 10 Regulations

Convoys: Fight For Fortune!

Since the beginning of the Season, all clans belonging to Alliances have been accumulating gold and Influence in a special vault, and starting 8 November, they will be able to send these resources to their Major Powers.

The full details of this feature can be found in the Season 10 Regulations. Do note, however, that the amount of resources sent with a convoy directly affects your clan's Political Rating for the Season, and top-ranked clans on the Political Leaderboard will win bonds for their clan treasury. All the more reason to establish a steady flow of contributions from your loyal vassals!

Don't forget that ransacking your enemies' convoys is a good way of filling the clan treasury with gold and earning Influence too! Convoys may be ransacked by any clan that does not belong to the Alliance of the convoy's sender/receiver.

More Details

Reclaiming Credits: More Battles for Less!

Need more credits to fuel your campaign efforts? Fret not, for from 8 November onwards, you may be able to reclaim a portion of the credits you expend in Global Map battles.

At the end of each play day (after 05:00 UTC +8), all players who have spent more credits than they earned in Global Map battles for that day will receive a refund of 30% of the credits expended.

Example: A player fought 3 battles during a play day on the Global Map and spent 100,000 more than he gained. At 05:00 UTC +8 the next day, he will receive a refund of 30,000.

IMPORTANT: In addition to repair costs, the refund only applies to the shells and consumables actually expended in Global Map battles, but will be calculated according to the the items' full price (discounted items will not affect the refund amount).