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Conclusion of Clan Wars 3rd Campaign

Tank Commanders!

Campaign 3 wraps up as we head towards the holiday season, and that means it's time to put the war on the Global Map on hold. For the following dates, the Global Map will be frozen:

Start of Global Map Freeze: 14 December, 2014 (Sunday) @ 9:05 UTC+8 (01:05 UTC)

End of Global Map Freeze: 05 January, 2015 (Monday) @ 9:05 UTC+8 (01:05 UTC)


Choose Your Rewards

The top 2,000 Fame Points earners may now select one of the following prizes here:


VK7201 Object_907 M60
VK 72.01 (K)
Object 907 M60
Hit Points 2,500 HP
Hull Armor 200/160/120
Turret Armor 200/160/120
Damage 563-938 HP
Armor Penetration 176-294 mm
Rate of Fire 2.73 rounds/min
Hit Points 2,000 HP
Hull Armor 100/85/45
Turret Armor 228/180/46
Damage 240-400 HP
Armor Penetration 164-274 mm
Rate of Fire 8.45 rounds/min
Hit Points 2,000 HP
Hull Armor 93/73/25
Turret Armor 177/76/50
Damage 293-488 HP
Armor Penetration 201-335 mm
Rate of Fire 6.82 rounds/min


The Object 907 will undergo balancing changes in Update 9.5. Campaign 3.0 prizes will be awarded after the 9.5 update.


Ongoing Investigations

Please note, that although most investigations are now complete, some investigations are still ongoing. During the course of ongoing investigations there may be additional players disqualified from rewards and/or sanctions placed.

However any additional disqualifications resulting in reward tanks not being issues and/or sanctions placed will not alter the current top 2000 placements which are now locked and finalized, IE there will be no additional players rising to the top 2000 to take the place of any that may be disqualified in our ongoing investigations**

  • Players who are disqualified and currently in the Top 2000 will have their rewarded tanks removed.
  • The Top 2000 placements will not be altered, where as players who are ranked below the top 2000 will not rise up in ranking from any disqualified players.


**The spirit of fair play

During campaign 3.0 there was some questionable tactics used by some clans which stayed within the limits of the rules, as well as exploiting glitches of the game and rules which have already resulted in sanctions issued.

To help prevent this situation from happening in future Clan Wars events we will work hard on improving protection systems and game mechanics to promote a better and fairer game play environment. We will also be taking an extra effort to ensure the rules that the event is played under are clearer to players prior to the start of the event.

However, there are players affected by questionable tactics but not against the rules. To ensure players have the deserved opportunity of obtaining a reward tank, we will manually credit players ranked between 2001 and 2250 with the default (Object 907) prize tank after thorough investigation.


But I Still Want to Play! And the Global Map is closed for Xmas.

You're in luck! The Strongholds game mode will still be operating normally during the Global Map's break.

For those who want to make sure their Clan's Stronghold does not get attacked during this time, a Clan Commander has two options in their Clan's Defense Settings.

  • Ceasefire - If you will be mostly available, this option to prevent attacks one day per week may be helpful. You may still attack other Clans on this day. You can change your Clan's Ceasefire day only once per 14 days.
  • Neutrality - A longer-term option, this allows you to set a period of between 3-14 days where you cannot be attacked by anyone. You will not be able to attack other Clans during this period of neutrality. You can declare Neutrality once per 90 days.