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Clan Wars: March to Europe!

Clan Wars
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Tank Commanders!

For too long we have watched the Europeans camp on the fertile lands to the west while we suffer the harsh conditions of the barren Mongolian mountains. We fight tooth and nail for our gold as they sit, content with their vast resources and land.

But no longer.

On 14th February, we begin the March to Europe to claim their gold deposits in the name of Asia. Will you expand the borders of your empire and devour Europe from the outside, or will you delve deep into its heart and begin your conquest of the continent?



Expansion to Europe: Technical Specifics

In light of our ever-expanding range of timezones covered in the real world, we will be adding lots more land to provide an enjoyable Clan Wars experience for any and all clans wishing to join in.

  • The Northern Europe map will be added to the existing Clan Wars Global Map for Asia. The original timezones for Northern Europe (which was specifically designed for EU server) will be adjusted to fit Asia's schedules.
  • Asia's schedule on the Global Map will be adjusted to 2 hours earlier, with the first timezone starting at 2pm SGT (UTC +8).



Deployment Schedule

13th February:

  • Clan Wars will be down for maintenance to add the Northern Europe map.

14th February:

  • Clan Wars will reopen with the following:
    • Ransacking ON
    • Revolt ON
    • Spies ON
    • Subversion OFF
    • Tank Locking ON
    • Tier Cap 10
    • NO Wipe
    • NO Re-division Mode
    • NO Landing Zone alterations
    • NO Gold Allocation alterations
    • Prime times: Starting from 14:00 SGT to 23:00 SGT

The gold is ripe for the picking in Europe, and available to anyone daring enough to step up and take it. Will your clan be the ones to do so?

Roll out!


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