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Clan Wars Event: Lucky 7

Tank Commanders,

Have you always wanted to stake your claim on the Global Map in Clan Wars, but never tried for fear of being absolutely crushed by other clans?

We understand that.

Why would you risk your clan's resources and patience by landing on the Map and then getting wiped out by the juggernauts lying in ambush with their shiny Tier Xs, when you can only field a couple of Tier VIs and VIIs?

But what if we told you that come next week, you'll get a fighting chance? What if your little clan will be given the power to challenge the best and biggest on a level playing field - same tank, same loadouts - and capture and secure your own clan territory.

As with all battles, intel is important. Read on for more details and commence planning.

23 June - 7 July: Clan Wars: Lucky 7 Event

Event Start: 23 June, 2014 (Monday) @ 06:00 UTC+8 (18:00 UTC)

Event End: 7 July, 2014 (Monday) @ 06:00 UTC+8 (18:00 UTC) 

Please note that timings are not fixed and may vary within that range.

Event Mechanics

The Lucky 7 Event will span across two weeks. During the event, there are two important rules that will be altered:

  1. Tank locking will be set to OFF.
  2. The maximum usable Tier limit for all vehicles in Clan Wars battles will be lowered to Tier 7 (was Tier 10).

Unlike previous events or campaigns for Clan Wars, the Lucky 7 Event will not be preceeded by a Redivision mode. Instead, the altered rules will be activated automatically before the start of the first day's Primetimes.

So what does this mean? Simple: If you're in a clan that's waiting for the right moment to jump into the Global Map, congratulations - your invasion plans have just been accelerated. If you're one of the top dogs, be prepared to guard your space!

Summary of Global Map Settings

During Event:

  • Ransack: ON
  • Revolt: ON
  • Subversions: OFF
  • Spies / Spy Hunters: ON
  • Tank Freezing: OFF
  • Fog of War: ON
  • Tier Limit: Tier 7

After Event:

  • Ransack: ON
  • Revolt: ON
  • Subversions: OFF
  • Spies / Spy Hunters: ON
  • Tank Freezing: ON
  • Fog of War: ON
  • Tier Limit: Tier 10

This is your chance to deploy your clan into the chaos of the Global Map and attempt to bring order to it. Are you ready?

See you on the Global Map! Roll out!

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