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Clan Wars Campaign: Stage II Winners

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Tank Commanders,

Winners of Stage II: Rise and Fall - These teams rose up in Stage II to score the highest amount of Victory Points. For their grand achievement, they will be rewarded with the coveted M60 tank. Congratulations to the teams and good luck for Stage III of the Campaign!

Top Clans from Stage II 'Rise and Fall'

The top clan in first place will be receiving the Magnate medal. All the battle hardened clans on the list below will be receiving the exclusive M60 tank! Great job, everyone!

StandingClanVP ScoreReward
[MP] Misguided Pacifists 568,446 Magnate medal + M60
[PVP] Philippine Vanguards of Peace 429,672 M60
[PCAFV] PCAFV - The AFV Clan from Taiwan, 397, 656
[SNTR] Singapore NextGen Tank Regiment 268,306 M60
[-V-] Victory 185,602 M60

Achievement Medals

Special medals will be awarded to the following clans for their great achievements in the Campaign.

[MP] Misguided Pacifists Magnate medal Receiving the largest amount of Victory Points during the second stage
[MP] Misguided Pacifists Expulsion and Plunder
Receiving the largest amount of Gold ransacking provinces during the second stage

Delivery of the M60 tank and all other Campaign rewards will take place at the end of the entire Campaign.

Owner of the Irkutsky District Province by the end of Landlords