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Clan Spotlight: GVN-D

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Tank Commanders,

Being part of a clan is like being part of a big family. GVN-D is part of a big clan, made up of tankers of varying age ranges. This Vietnamese clan could be found in France on the global map. Other than participating in big campaigns, they also stage events for their members when not fighting in Clan Wars.

GVN-D also happens to be our host for this week's Tank Company Frenzy event. Read more about them!





VN_Spartacus_No2 - Commander
__TankNKL__ - Deputy Commander
MinistryOfPublicSecurity - Deputy Commander

1) What made you decide to create your clan and how did you decide on your clan name?

VN_Spartacus_No2: We all from the VTC server. Some tankers had played WOT in the NA sever for a long time. GVN is simply a Vietnamese gamer community (we called it Game Viet Nam). So I decided to keep our clan name, which made our history.

TankNKL: We decided to move to WOT SEA with the aim to rebuild WOT GVN’s reputation as well as to develop the Vietnamese WOT Community.

MinistryOfPublicSecurity: I wanted to create our clan in order to develop a playground for Vietnamese WOT players.


2) How would you describe your clan's community?

VN_Spartacus_No2: We all play WOT from 8pm to 11pm, Vietnam time. Most tankers are 16-30 year old, some 50, or 60. Many people have wives and kids… But I’m so proud that all of us spend enough time for Clan Wars.

TankNKL: Variety of ages.

MinistryOfPublicSecurity: You know Monsters University?


3) What do you think keeps your clan together?

VN_Spartacus_No2: Almost all our tankers have played together for a long time. We all want to make friend with each other. If you have the same purpose, you will stand together. On the other hand, I always share our profit equity. If you are good, you deserve to get it.

TankNKL: We respect each other. Furthermore, we often create teams to participate in public events.

MinistryOfPublicSecurity: In my opinion, the most important things are fairness and respect. Apart from that, we also hold a lot of events for our members when we do not have to fight in Clan Wars.


4) When did your clan start participating in Clan Wars?

VN_Spartacus_No2: Since Clan Wars started.


5) Is there a piece of property on the Global Map that you believe your clan must always have?

VN_Spartacus_No2: France, maybe Thrace if our map opens more. Haha!

TankNKL: France has been closely connected to us for a long time. Therefore, our Headquarters are based in France and we will defend it by all means.


6) Which clans do you consider as your closest allies and why?

VN_Spartacus_No2: GNS. We have been friends for a long time. Now, because of time zones, we cannot stand side by side. But anyways, GNS always be.

TankNKL: Apart from GNS, we also have royal alliance such as: SW, SWA, SVN, AE,…


7) Which clan do you think is your fiercest competitor on the Global Map?

VN_Spartacus_No2: Thailand’s clans. :D They’ve been attacking us day by day.

TankNKL: Thai clans are not the most powerful clans, but we admire their patience.

MinistryOfPublicSecurity: To be honest, DPS, DPX are also some of our strong competitors.


8) What did you think about the past 3 campaign-type Clan Wars events? (First Campaign, Second Campaign, World on Fire)

VN_Spartacus_No2: So strange. We GVN do not usually play Clan Wars without tier X tanks.

TankNKL: We enjoyed Clan Wars with Tier X.

MinistryOfPublicSecurity: Personally, I believe that GVN has no difficulty with any game mode.


9) What do you think was the most challenging aspect of the campaign-type Clan Wars events?

VN_Spartacus_No2: As I said, we are all better in tier X tanks. So, having to play with lower tier tanks is a challenge. And regarding strategy, our first campaign was World on Fire – understanding the rules or how to earn more Victory Points was not easy.

TankNKL: Campaign-type Clan Wars events will satisfy small clans, but not us. :)


10) What was your most memorable Clan Wars battle?

VN_Spartacus_No2: Hm…. My first battle as a leader of my team. That’s a victory in Abbey map.

MinistryOfPublicSecurity: Since we moved to WOT SEA, the most memorable battles are the ones between Vietnamese clans alliance and SEA clans alliance. During those 2 weeks, those battles were mentioned a lot. And the best thing about them is that we learned and exchanged a lot of advice.


11) What do you think is your biggest Clan Wars achievement so far?

VN_Spartacus_No2: Everyone knows who we are.

TankNKL: We have been successful in defending territories of France.

MinistryOfPublicSecurity: Our biggest achievement is to fulfil our personal skills and teamwork as well as situational reactions, etc.


12) Any advice for players who are still looking for a clan?

VN_Spartacus_No2: Joining a clan means you will play together with the others. Sometimes you have to dismiss your personal interests. Don’t afraid to do it, because after that you will receive the rewards you deserve.

TankNKL: Choose the clan that suits your playing style.

MinistryOfPublicSecurity: If you want to choose a clan, you should have passion and commitment to it. You choose the clan, the clan does not choose you!


Tank Company Frenzy on 18th July feat. GVN-D

This week, GVN-D will be our host clan for Tank Company Frenzy! Challenge the clan and you and your clan members could walk away with Gold prizes!

Roll out!

Read more about the Tank Company Frenzy here