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Announcing the First Stage of Campaigns: Landlords

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Tier restriction will be set to Tier VI on 19th June, 2013.


Tank Commanders!

The rules and schedule for the Landlords Stage are now available. Clan Commanders should study them thoroughly, make a plan of action, and get their tankers in line to execute the mission. This Stage only spans ten days, but it's going to be ten days of fierce fighting!

What are Clan Wars Campaigns?

Campaigns are a seasonal approach to Clan Wars, featuring special rules, incredible prizes, and unique achievements! These large-scale events will take place throughout the year giving clans, both large and small, several opportunities to win their share of loot and glory. To find out more regarding Campaigns, be sure to read the Clan Wars Campaigns Announcement.

Landlords Campaign

During the Landlords Campaign, clans will be competing for Victory Points (VP) to secure unique medals, in-game gold, and other special prizes.

The Landlords Stage will take place from June 10-20th.

Victory Points

During Campaigns, VP will be awarded to clans based upon the following parameters:

  • Capturing a regular province grants 5,000 VP
  • Capturing a key province grants 15,000 VP
  • Losing a regular province removes 5,000 VP
  • Losing a key province removes 15,000 VP

Additional VP can be earned during the campaign, details appear below.

Phase One:

Global Map is locked: June 10, 2013 at 12:50 UTC+8 (04:50 UTC)

During this downtime, the following changes will be made to the Global Map:

  • Essentially the entire map is reset and everything is prepped to start anew
    • All provinces will be cleared and set to neutral
    • All scheduled battles will be cancelled
    • All chips will be returned to Clan Reserves and made available
    • All spies and counter-spies will be removed from the map
    • All Riots will be cancelled
    • All Ransacks will be cancelled and income from ransacked provinces will be restored
    • New landing zones will be added to the map (you may find the list below)
    • All lands in Clan Wars will receive 'landing province' status for the next 24 hours
      • During this phase all battles will be performed in Tier I vehicles

Screenshot given as an example, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the region of Northern Europe remains disabled.

Global Map is unlocked: June 10, 2013 at 7:00 UTC

Once the Global Map is reactivated, clans will be able to make applications for landing. Special rules will be in place for this phase of the Campaign:

  • Landing tournaments will only be held using Tier I vehicles
  • Each landing tournament is limited to 64 applications
    • Each hour the system will randomly shuffle the applications made in the previous turn and add them to the end of the accepted application list
      • This gives every clan, making an application in a given hour, the same probability of being included
    • Once the limit is reached, all applications beyond the 64 randomly selected will be removed from the system
    • Clans that did not make the cutoff will have their chips returned to Clan Reserves without any penalty
  • A colour coding system will be in place on each province to help indicate which provinces still have available spots for landing applications
    • The colours range from grey (empty of applications) through pink and up to red (full)

Phase One of the Landlords Stage will conclude at 12:50 UTC+8 (4:50 UTC) on June 11, 2013. The Map will be locked till 15:00 UTC+8 (7:00 UTC) to prepare for Phase Two.

Phase Two

The Global Map is unlocked: June 11, 2013 at 15:00 UTC+8 (7:00 UTC)

Phase Two will conclude: June 20th, 2013 after the end of prime times

Once Phase Two begins, the following rules and changes will be in effect:

  • All provinces (aside from the normal landing provinces) will revert to non-landing province
    • The remaining landing provinces will have their application slots upped to 256 from 64; it's expected that this will only extend the landing tournament length by one hour
    • Following provinces will be converted into landing:
      Yar-Salsky District
      Tazovsky District
      Southern Putorana Plateau
      Suntarsky District
      Tyansky District
      Lipetsk Oblast
  • There will be an escalating Tier Limit on all battles through the remainder of this phase:
    • June 11th: Tier II
    • June 12-13th: Tier III
    • June 14-16th: Tier IV
    • June 17-18th: Tier V
    • June 19-20th: Tier VI
  • Additionally, all Key Provinces will have a 6,000 daily income denoted by a special icon

Key Provinces

  • Mirny
  • Dornod
  • Arkhangai
  • Bratsky District
  • Norilsk
  • Kuz'movka
  • Karagandy
  • Punjab
  • Razavi Khorasan
  • Najaf
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Sovetsky District

Additional Victory Points

Aside from the normal acquisition of Victory Points, bonus VP will be awarded using the following parameters:

  • All clans that captured at least one province during Phase One will receive 500 VP
  • All clans holding territories at the end of Phase One ('Re-division of the World') will receive 1,000 VP per province owned


While we do want everyone to get into the Clan Wars arena, not everyone will have what it takes to earn the top prizes.

Gold Miner Owner of the Irkutsky District Province by the end of Landlords
Siberean Lion Owner of the Kargasoksky District Province by the end of Landlords
Oil Baron Owner of the Tyumen Region Province by the end of Landlords
Don Cossack Owner of the Rostov area Province by the end of Landlords
By Iron and Blood Medal
Given to the clan with the highest total VP by the end of Landlords
Exclusive M60 Tank
Given to the top 5 clans scoring the most VP by the end of Landlords. Please note, the tank will be distributed at the end of the first Campaign.

Players must participate in at least five Clan Wars battles during Landlords to be eligible for rewards.