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Announcing Clan Wars Campaign 2: Stage 1 [Updated]

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Tank Commanders!

Ready your vehicles and prepare for the second Clan Wars campaign! The first stage is about to begin, and with it a freshly reset Global Map to conquer.

Read on to learn more about the specifics of Stage 1.

Stage One: Revolution Epoch


In Stage One, all clans will be given the opportunity to acquire Victory Points via two methods - acquiring land, or raiding occupied land.

The first method simply requires the clan to acquire as much land as possible, as they receive Victory Points by taking control of territories. These territories will each produce a certain amount of Victory Points daily, which belong to the owner so long as they control it.

The second method will allow clans to choose a different playstyle, as they can also earn Victory Points by winning battles from provinces in Revolt. Each province that they manage to seize from another clan will grant them a substantial boost in Victory Points.

[Updated] In the case of a draw, victory goes to the defending clan.

[Updated] However, during a 're-division' phase, the attacking clan will be considered the winner when a draw occurs. All provinces will turn into landing zones for the duration of one day during 're-division' phases. The map would not be wiped and victors will still possess all controlled provinces in the beginning of the next stage.

Victory Point earnings

Clans will receive 42 Victory Points each turn for every province they control after Prime Time has ended. The Victory Points remain with the territory itself - when the clan loses the territory to another clan, all Victory Points earned by that territory so far will be lost.

Clans responsible for attacking and conquering a territory in Revolt will receive an equal amount of Victory Points already contained within the territory itself. Furthermore, any Victory Points earned by this method are permanent - they will not be removed even if the clan loses a future battle.

Fame Point earnings

Fame points are earned by individual players when they participate in battles. In Stage 1, there are several primary factors that determine the amount of Fame Points received by players per battle:

  • The base Fame Point amount awarded is dependant on the total EXP earned per battle by the winning team, which is divided equally amongst its players.
  • A x1.5 Fame Points multiplier is applied for all battles conducted in Stage 1.
  • All mainland province battles will give a x5.0 Fame Points multiplier.
  • At the end of Stage 1, the top 3 clans based on total Victory Points earned will receive a multiplier for all clan members:
    • 1st place: x3.0 multiplier
    • 2nd place: x2.0 multiplier
    • 3rd place: x1.5 multiplier

Apart from primary factors that can greatly influence the overall Fame Points gained, there are also secondary factors that can affect it in more subtle ways:

  • 'Defense' - Clans that have successfully defended a revolting province will receive a +10% increase to their Fame Points earned in the battle.
  • 'Attack' - Clans who have successfully conquered a revolting province from another clan will receive a +10% increase to their Fame Points earned in the final battle with the province owner.

It is important to note that these effects are cumulative. For example, if a player wins a mainland province
                battle (x5.0) during Stage 1 of the campaign (x1.5), and is part of the clan that wins that stage (x3.0),
                the resulting formula would be [(Base Fame Points) x 5 x 1.5 x 3].


Day 1

  • All provinces will be cleared and set to neutral.
  • All scheduled battles will be cancelled.
  • All chips will be returned to Clan Reserves and made available.
  • All spies and counter-spies will be removed from the map.
  • All revolts will be cancelled.
  • All ransacks will be cancelled and income from ransacked provinces will be restored.
  • All lands in Clan Wars will receive 'landing province' status for the next 24 hours.
  • Landings will be available from Day 1 onwards. The maximum Landing Applications for each province is limited to 32 spots.
  • The maximum tier of any tanks used in battle will be up to Tier VI.
  • The only features available to clans on Day 1 are Spies and Counterspies. Ransacking and Revolts will be disabled.
  • A special clan formed by Wargaming staff will take control of one province: Cyprus!
  • Any clan that manages to seize at least 1 province on Day 1 will receive 5,000 Fame Points for each clan member. These Fame Points will only be credited after Stage 1 is completed, and only available for players who were in the clan when the achievement was made.

Day 2 - 13

  • Landing applications per provice will be increased to 64 spots from Day 2 onwards.
  • Ransacking and Revolts are enabled from Day 2 onwards.
  • Territories will be much more vulnerable to Revolts from Day 2 onwards.

Day 14 - 15

  • Day 14 marks the end of Stage 1.
  • The Global Map will be frozen from Day 14 to Day 15.
  • The following medals will be distributed to each member of Stage 1's winners:
    • Landlord - For gaining the largest amount of Victory Points through controlling provinces.
    • Emperor - For gaining the largest amount of Victory Points for the entire Stage.
    • Farmer - For gaining the single largest amount of Victory Points in one province.
    • Light Cavalry - For gaining the largest amount of Victory Points throughout all battles in Landing and Revolt provinces.
    • Gunsligner - For gaining the single largest amount of Victory Points in one Landing and Revolt province battle.
    • Knight of the Revolution - For gaining more than 0 points at the end of Stage 1.
    • Landowner - For owning at least one province at the end of Stage 1.
    • Participant of the 2nd Campaign, Stage I - For taking part in at least one battle during Stage 1.
    • Let's Battle: Republic of Cyprus - For removing the special Wargaming clan from the map by capturing Republic of Cyprus.
    • The First Step - For capturing at least one Landing province on Day 1.

Secondary Tasks

Completing secondary tasks throughout each stage of the campaign may grant players a substantial amount of Fame Points, or Medals, or both. These are divided into two categories - Serial Medals and Missions. The full list of their descriptions is detailed below. [Updated]

Serial Medals

Like ordinary medals gained in normal battles, Serial Medals are awarded for specific achievements in the Clan Wars Global Map and come in 4 grades. All medals will only be tallied and awarded at the end of the Campaign. [Updated]

  • Win 5, 10, 25, 50 CW battles
  • Conquer landing zones 5, 10, 20, 30 times
  • Win riot tournaments 5, 10, 20, 30 times
  • Defend landing zones 5, 10, 15, 20 times
  • Defend rioting provinces 5, 10, 15, 20 times
  • Destroy 1, 5, 10, 15 enemy HQ's
  • Defend HQ 1, 5, 10, 15 times
  • Conquer 2, 3, 4, 5 landing zones within 24 turns
  • Conquer 2, 3, 4, 5 riots within 24 turns
  • Ransack 5, 10, 15, 20 provinces
  • Win 4, 6, 8, 10 battles within 24 turns:
    • Only battles against full enemy team are counted towards the achievement.
    • Only final battles against the province owner will be counted towards the achievement.
    • Technical victories will not be taken to account.
  • Win 5, 10, 15, 20+ battles in a row:
    • Technical defeats will not break the winning streak.
    • Leaving the Global Map as a result of own goodwill does not break the winning streak.
    • Technical victories do not count towards the winning streak.


Missions are smaller objectives that can be completed anytime during the second campaign.

  • Landing Missions: Each time a clan attempts a Landing, they are given a destination territory a few spaces inland. To complete the mission, they must first deploy their HQ on the Landing province first, then shift it to the destination territory without removing it from the map. Depending on difficulty, clans will have 1 - 3 days to complete the mission. Fame points will be awarded at the end of the campaign depending on difficulty level. [Updated]
  •  Stormbringer medal: Awarded to a clan which has conquered the biggest amount of landing zones or revolting provinces within 24 turns during the Second Campaign. All clan members, who have been in the clan by the end of the Campaign, will be awarded with additional 60 000 Fame Points. [Updated]
    Note: If several clans achieve the same max results, the aforementioned clans will all be rewarded. [Updated] 
  • The 'Unrivaled' medal: Awarded to the clan with the longest winning streak throughout the Second Campaign. All clan members in the clan at the end of the campaign will be awarded with an additional 100,000 Fame Points. [Updated]
  • 'Loot WG' Mission: Players who manage to remove a Wargaming-controlled clan entirely from the map will complete this mission. The winning clan achieves 5,000 fame points which will be awarded at the end of the campaign. [Updated]


For more information, please visit the Victory & Fame Points Guide.

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