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Announcing Clan Wars Campaign 2: Stage 2 [UPDATED]

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NOTE: Stage 2 will begin on 27th November 2013 and end on 9th December 2013. 


Tank Commanders!

Welcome back to Stage 2! You have conquered lands and raided your enemies, but now the map is reset once more to welcome a new phase in the Second Campaign of Clan Wars.

Prepare to discard everything you’ve learned in the game so far, because the rules have changed. Large land grabs or endless raids will not propel you to victory this time. Instead, now you must stay close to a new and very important element on the map to win the stage…

Watch the video below and read on to learn more about the specifics of Stage 2.

Stage Two: Train Robbery


In Stage Two, there is only one objective: the trains.

At the start of the stage, several of these trains will appear on the map in different locations. Once per day, they will move to the next adjacent province, towards a predetermined destination. On top of that, all players will be able to see the next province the trains will occupy on the following day.

[UPDATED] Train Robbery will be preceded by a short ‘re-division’ phase, which will turn all provinces into landing zones for the duration of one day. The map will not be wiped in this process, so all provinces you may control at the end of Stage I will be in your possession at the beginning of Stage II. If a landing battle results in a draw, the attacker will be considered the winner.

Victory Point earnings

Victory Points are gained by controlling a province containing a train. Any clan that owns a province with a train will receive 292 Victory Points each turn for each province they own that has a train currently on it. (i.e. 2 provinces = 584 Victory Points per turn). Any Victory Points gained in this way are permanent, and will not be erased.

Clans that are controlling the key provinces will have to be alert for any attempts to capture it, to prevent other clans from stealing their source of Victory Points. However, clans who are successful in defending the province from their attackers will enjoy a decent rate of Victory Point earnings daily.

Aside from capturing the provinces containing the trains outright, clans can also opt to ‘intercept’ the trains by capturing the provinces that will host those caravans before they arrive. However, do note that these provinces will not award Victory Points until the trains have appeared in them.

Fame Point earnings

Fame Points are still earned by participating in battles, and most Fame Point multipliers are still in effect in Stage 2.

  • The base Fame Point amount awarded is dependent on the total EXP earned per battle by the winning team, which is divided equally amongst its players.
  • A x1.1 Fame Points multiplier is applied for all battles conducted in Stage 2.
  • All mainland province battles will give a x5.0 Fame Points multiplier.
    • These include battles on provinces without the trains on them. Any mainland province in the Global Map will award the x5.0 multiplier.
  • At the end of Stage 2, the top 3 clans based on total Victory Points earned will receive a multiplier for all clan members:
    • 1st place: x3.0 multiplier
    • 2nd place: x2.0 multiplier
    • 3rd place: x1.5 multiplier

Apart from primary factors that can greatly influence the overall Fame Points gained, there are also secondary factors that can affect it in more subtle ways:

  • Train Drover: Each clan that controls at least one province containing a train will receive a x1.1 Fame Points multiplier for every win in a battle within that province. Only players that have participated in these battles will receive the multiplier. 
  • Combo: Each clan that controls more than two provinces containing a train each will receive a x1.2 Fame Points multiplier for each win in battle Only players that have participated in these battles will receive the multiplier. (may not have to be held in said provinces with caravan trains).
  • Ambush: Any clan that attacks another clan controlling at least one province with a train on it will be granted a x1.2 Fame Points multiplier for all battles (either win or lose). Only players that have participated in these battles will receive the multiplier.

It is important to note that these effects are cumulative. For example, if a player wins a mainland province battle
                (x5.0) during Stage 2 of the campaign (x1.1), and is part of the clan that wins that stage (x3.0), the resulting formula
                would be [(Base Fame Points) x 5 x 1.1 x 3].

Day 1 (27th November): [UPDATED]

  • All scheduled battles will be cancelled.
  • All spies and counter-spies will be removed from the map.
  • All revolts will be cancelled.
  • All ransacks will be cancelled and income from ransacked provinces will be restored.
  • All lands in Clan Wars will receive ‘landing province’ status for the next 24 hours. No wipes for the current map will occur - All provinces will still belong to their owners.
  • Landings will be available from Day 1 onwards. The maximum Landing Applications for each province is limited to 32 spots.
  • The maximum tier of any tanks used in battle will be up to Tier VIII.
  • The only features available to clans on Day 1 are Spies and Counterspies. Ransacking and Revolts will be disabled.
  • Several trains will be deployed throughout the Global Map in different provinces.

Day 2 - 12 (28th November - 8th December): [UPDATED]

  • Landing applications per province will be increased to 64 spots from day 2 onwards.
  • Ransacking and revolts are enabled from Day 2 onwards.
  • All trains will begin to change locations, once per day.

Day 13 (9th December): [UPDATED]

  • Day 13 marks the end of Stage 2.
  • The Global Map will be frozen on Day 13.
  • The following medals will be distributed to each member of Stage 2’s winners:
    • Nomad: Score the greatest number of Victory Points during Stage 2 of the Second Campaign. (Awarded to all members still in the clan at the end of the stage)
    • Predator: Score any number of victory points during Stage 2 of the Second Campaign. (Awarded to all members still in the clan at the end of the stage)
    • Strike of Fortune: ‘Rob’ more than one train by capturing the key provinces within 24 turns during Stage 2 of the Second Campaign. (Awarded to all members still in the clan at the end of the stage)
    • Participant of the Second Campaign, Stage 2: Fight at least one battle on the Global Map during Stage 2 of the Second Campaign.

Secondary Tasks

Completing secondary tasks throughout each stage of the campaign may grant players a substantial amount of Fame Points, or Medals, or both. These are divided into two categories - Serial Medals and Missions. The full list of their descriptions is detailed below. [Updated]

Serial Medals

Clans can earn Serial Medals by completing the objectives listed below. There are four grades for each medal, for different achievement levels. These medals will only be awarded to the player only once, at the end of the campaign.

  • Win 5, 10, 25, 50 CW battles
  • Conquer landing zones 5, 10, 20, 30 times
  • Win riot tournaments 5, 10, 20, 30 times
  • Defend landing zones 5, 10, 15, 20 times
  • Defend rioting provinces 5, 10, 15, 20 times
  • Destroy 1, 5, 10, 15 enemy HQ's
  • Defend HQ 1, 5, 10, 15 times
  • Conquer 2, 3, 4, 5 landing zones within 24 turns
  • Conquer 2, 3, 4, 5 riots within 24 turns
  • Ransack 5, 10, 15, 20 provinces
  • Win 4, 6, 8, 10 battles within 24 turns:
    • Only battles against full enemy team are counted towards the achievement.
    • Only final battles against the province owner will be counted towards the achievement.
    • Technical victories will not be taken to account.
  • Win 5, 10, 15, 20+ battles in a row:
    • Technical defeats will not break the winning streak.
    • Leaving the Global Map as a result of own goodwill does not break the winning streak.
    • Technical victories do not count towards the winning streak.


Missions are smaller objectives that can be completed anytime during the second campaign.

  • Landing Missions: Each time a clan attempts a Landing, they are given a destination territory a few spaces inland. To complete the mission, they must first deploy their HQ on the Landing province first, then shift it to the destination territory without removing it from the map. Depending on difficulty, clans will have 1 - 3 days to complete the mission. Fame points will be awarded at the end of the campaign depending on difficulty level. [Updated]
  • Stormbringer medal: Awarded to a clan which has conquered the biggest amount of landing zones or revolting provinces within 24 turns during the Second Campaign. All clan members, who have been in the clan by the end of the Campaign, will be awarded with additional 60 000 Fame Points. [Updated]

    Note: If several clans achieve the same max results, the aforementioned clans will all be rewarded. [Updated]  

  • The 'Unrivaled' medal: Awarded to the clan with the longest winning streak throughout the Second Campaign. All clan members in the clan at the end of the campaign will be awarded with an additional 100,000 Fame Points. [Updated]


For more information, please visit the Victory & Fame Points Guide.

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