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Great Tank Deals Special

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Tank Commanders,

Have you ever thought of getting that dream tank of yours but have yet to because it’s way out of your budget? Well, now you can! World of Tanks is offering some great discounts for a few tanks in our August special; including Tier IX tanks that have never before been discounted! Get your hands on that tank you've always wanted!

These special discounts are for a limited time period only so take advantage of this opportunity to grab them at their reduced prices.

Great Tank Deals Special

Event Start: 28 July, 2012 (Saturday) @ 14:00hrs (SG, MY, PH), 13:00hrs (TH)

Event End: 01 August, 2012 (Wednesday) @ 14:00hrs (SG, MY, PH), 13:00hrs (TH)

Amazing discounts are being offered for the following tanks:

  • MT IX Т-54
  • MT IX Е-50
  • MT IX M46 Patton
  • MT Vlll Lorraine 40t
  • TD IX Object 704
  • TD IX Jagdtiger
  • TD IX T30
  • TD IX Т95
  • TD IX AMX 50 Foch

So log onto your World of Tanks account now and shop away!