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World of Tanks Blitz is officially released!

Tank Commanders!

We're pleased to announce that World of Tanks Blitz is now released in Asia!

Blitz is a free-to-play team-based MMO action game much like World of Tanks on PC and Xbox, specially created and optimized for mobile devices. We've retained the game's best traits, including sophisticated mechanics and realistic physics, while adapting it to the control schemes ideal for mobile platforms. Now, you can bring your tanks with you and do battle everywhere you go!

Huge Tank Arsenal

Try out over 90 legendary armoured vehicles, with unique combat characteristics and distinctive behaviour.

Realistic Physics

Study the technical specifics of in-game vehicles based on the authentic blueprints of their real-life analogues, to know where the opponent’s weak spots are and shoot directly at them.

Accessible Control System

Command these supermassive machines with only your thumbs, benefiting from a precise and intuitive control system, while tailoring its settings to best fit your play style.

Deep Gameplay

Combining the variety of battle arenas with 7 versus 7 PvP combat, World of Tanks Blitz lets aspiring tank commanders master their tactical thinking and devise effective strategies. Learn to act decisively and improve your teamwork skills in short, action-packed battles.

Numerous Battlefields

Diverse in their design, terrain, land leveling and settings, World of Tanks Blitz battle arenas require different tactics from each vehicle and let virtual tank commanders engage on European suburbia, industrial areas of urban America, hilly meadows and deserts, cliffs, rocky steeps and many other landscapes. Explore the terrain of World of Tanks Blitz and turn their tactical options to your advantage.

Smooth Experience

Enjoy the game’s lag-free, quality performance and security thanks to the robust server technology.

Play Now!

Your crew is waiting, tank commander! Download the app now and prepare for battle no matter where you are in the world.

Roll out!

Visit the Blitz portal