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Update 9.16 is here. Check it out!

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Tank Commanders,

Across the studio, teams have been keeping a steady hand on the wheel for the launch of Update 9.16, which is going live tonight. There’s a lot of cool stuff on the way, and it won’t be long until we can all check it out in-game. So, before deployment commotion reaches its peak, let’s give these new features some well-deserved attention. But first, there are a few purely technical issues to keep in mind:


To avoid problems with graphics, performance, as well as the stability of the game client, it is strongly recommended to update the drivers for the video card to the latest version.

To download the latest drivers, use the search for a suitable driver on a website of video card manufacturer:

  • If you are updating the game through the launcher:

    • The SD client is 832 Mb
    • The HD client is 1,258 Mb


    If you’d like to install the update manually:

    • Download the file directly or via uTorrent
    • Move the file to the Updates folder in the game root directory (for example: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\Updates)

    Run the launcher (WOTLauncher.exe) and wait for the update to be applied to the game client

  • The game servers will be down on 13th October from 03:00 to 06:30 UTC +8 to let the devs do their magic and get it all set up for you. Also, we’ll be freezing the Global Map for a 24-hour period to prepare it for 9.16. The Clan Wars portal will be temporarily unavailable and Strongholds battles will be (with the only exception of skirmishes) canceled.
  • There’s no need to worry if you have a Premium Account active during the downtime: you’ll be credited an additional 24 hours of Premium Account time to make up for the maintenance period. If you’d like to make any in-game payments or purchases, please wait until servers are up and running again.

What's New

When the work on 9.16 started, we went through forum threads and social media to see what you thought, so we could prioritize the items on our to-do list. During update testing, you shared with us an incredible amount of feedback, helping us fine-tune each and every new item on the list. As always, your efforts help make World of Tanks a better experience for everyone, and we’re extremely excited to share the final result with you.

This is a brief summary of what’s in 9.16:

In the weeks leading up to release, we revealed details about new content and features with a few articles. If you’d like to find out more about a certain addition, left-click on the images below to jump to a more detailed description.


Because we’ve been pretty preoccupied with fine-tuning the very core of the game and fixing issues you were most vocal about, we haven’t expanded the World of Tanks roster for a while. But now it’s time to open up the ranks again! With this update, we’re bringing you the first Swedish tank: the Strv m/42-57 Alt A2. It’s also the game's first Tier VI Premium medium tank with a drum-type autoloader.


The second long-awaited content addition is the Paris map. You enjoyed it in Rampage mode and wanted it for Random battles. And here it comes, adjusted off your feedback.

Note: The Paris map will be available twice as often in Random Battles for a limited time, following the release of Update 9.16.


We keep on enhancing the UI by implementing popular modifications to the game. Introduced in 9.16, the dual-level carousel allows you to display more vehicles.

Battle UI is now a lot more informative. Newly added special indicators provide a full picture of what’s happing in a battle: you can see how much damage you deal to enemy tanks with every shell fired, as well as how much damage you block and receive, and where it’s coming from. Damage indicators are also instrumental in tracking your progress for Personal Missions in-battle. What’s great is that you can choose the features that are most relevant to you and switch off the ones that aren’t, right from the settings panel.

Note: Some modifications may potentially be unavailable for some time, as their installation might lead to technical problems. If you have any problems, try to run the game in safe mode.


There’s no need to contact the Customer Service Center to claim back your accidently sold Premium and Rare tanks, and dismissed crew members. You can get them back with just a few clicks right in the Garage.


Server code performance has been optimized considerably, reducing the time it takes to display a vehicle model upon spotting.


You can pick up to 20 vehicles at a time and carefully examine them in-game, whichever configuration you choose—standard, current or the one you have selected right on the Comparison Screen. You can also pick the crew training level you want to see. It doesn’t matter if they’re vehicles you already have, you’re thinking about researching, or one that a fellow tanker has; any nation, class, type, and tier.


At its core, World of Tanks is a game of skill and teamwork. However, this focal point is oftentimes blurred with mean, salty messages in Battle Chat. Many of you reported that it's still a major issue even with the chat banning system in place. By taking on your feedback, we implemented a few changes to Battle Chat, which are designed to prevent toxic behavior, abusive language, and cheating. Cross-team chat in all battle types except for Team Training was disabled, and you can now instantly mute players that are getting on your nerves in the same-team chat.


Along with addressing issues you reported at the launch of 9.15.1, we introduced 30 more minimaps, reworked into a new format: Cliff, El Halluf, Ensk, Erlenberg, Fisherman's Bay, Kharkov, Lakeville, Malinovka, Arctic Region, Murovanka, Prokhorovka, Swamp, Paris, Widepark, Westfield, Steppes, Siegfried Line, Winterberg, Ruinberg, Redshire, Mittengard, Ghost Town, Himmelsdorf, Fjords, Airfield, Serene Coast, Live Oaks, Highway, Abbey and Mines.


Along with working on 9.16, we have been keeping an eye on your feedback regarding new features and improvements you’d like to see in the game. You can be sure we’ll be bringing more of them to you in future updates.

See you on the battlefield,

The World of Tanks Team