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Update 9.15.1 to release on 4 August [UPDATED]

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Note: Update 9.15.1 is now available!

Tank Commanders!

We’re happy to roll out our newest patch 9.15.1 for you! Known as version 9.15.1, the Update will be released in the Asia Server on 4 August 2016

We would like to share some important information with you about how this patch works.  

Please read this before playing!

Action Script 3: We are moving to Action Script 3. This is a beneficial move, because it will open up more ways for user interface and performance optimisation in future releases of World of Tanks. It will also make workflow more consistent for mod creators. However, in the short term, this change has had an impact on the modding community as they have had to update their mods to work with Action Script 3. We have worked with the modmakers to check compatibility with our biggest mods, and we are pleased to announce that we have been able to verify that version 9.15.1 is compatible with a number of them.  

Please click here for more details. If you experience any technical problems with this update while playing with any other mods installed, please uninstall those other mods and try playing the game without them before contacting Customer Support. In case of problems with certain mods, please contact the modmaker for advice on your next course of action, rather than our Customer Service department.  As always, we love our mod community, but we cannot provide customer support for mods.

Update 9.15.1 brings with it improvements to sounds, game client performance, and vehicle characteristics. Many vehicles have also received HD-quality models. Check out the full patch notes in this page for the complete list, or read on for a condensed version of what you can expect.

Server Maintenance

Please be informed that there will be server downtime while we make preparations for the release of Update 9.15.1 on 4th August from 03:00 UTC+8 (3rd August, 19:00 UTC). The approximate downtime is 4.5 hours with a shorter downtime expected for the portal services.

During this maintenance, the following will be unavailable due to the update:

  • WOT Asia Server
  • Login services for:
    • Portal
    • Support Site
    • Giftshop
  • Clan Portal
  • Clan Wars
    • The Global Map will be frozen on 4th August from 02:00 UTC+8 for 24 hours.
    • Stronghold battles will be reset from 4th August 01:59 UTC+8 until 4th August 02:59 UTC+8.

Note: All players, who had paid content (premium account etc.) by the start of release, will be compensated with additional 24 hours use term of that content.

To avoid problems with graphics, performance, as well as the stability of the game client, it is strongly recommended to update the drivers for the video card to the latest version.

To download the latest drivers, use the search for a suitable driver on a website of video card manufacturer:

New Features in 9.15.1

Improvements to Sounds

We've added several sounds to allow the sound environment to provide more information to players about what happens in-game.

For example, a sound will now play upon spotting enemy vehicles, and that sound will be played in the direction in which the spotted vehicle is located. A new sound preset is also available for laptop users to enable them to enjoy better sound quality.

Lorraine 40 t Replaced

A Tier IX French medium tank, the Lorraine 40 t, has been replaced by the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP (the prototype of the Tier X Bat.-Châtillon 25 t). This creates a continuous line of autoloading French tanks, from the Tier IV AMX 12t to the Tier X Bat.-Châtillon 25 t.

New HD Models

In update 9.15.1, 24 tank models will given improved visual quality. 4 models that were previously given HD quality will be further improved. Some of the vehicles given HD models no longer have the same armour configurations.