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Update 9.0 Common Test Notes [Updated]

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These are the list of changes and features that will be implemented on the 9.0 Common Test server.

These are preliminary Common Test notes and do not include the full details of all changes. The full list will be available upon the release of the 9.0 patch.

Video: ASAP Update 9.0

List of changes between versions 9.0 #1 and 9.0 #2

  • Issue with permanent disconnections from server on PCs with AMD processors fixed.
  • Post effect issue affecting Sniper aim depending on type of additional mounted equipment fixed.
  • Option to disable Sniper aim post effect added.
  • The following maps reworked for better lighting: “Mountain Pass”, “Mines”, “Erlenberg”, “Malinovka”, “Ensk”, “Ruinberg”, “Province”, “El Halluf”, “Sand River”, “Winter Himmelsdorf”, “Serene Coast”, “South Coast”, “Highway”, “Northwest”, “Live Oaks”.
  • Certain bugs and defects in Premium and Non-Premium Garages fixed.
  • Camera displacement in Exterior window fixed.
  • Lamp blinking in Premium Garage fixed.
  • Issue with camera clinging to lamp in Premium Garage fixed.
  • Issue with tracks of certain French vehicles being too dark fixed.
  • Т-34-85 and Centurion 7/1 vehicles reworked for better quality.
  • Bugs and defects in the following updated vehicles fixed: Т-54, Tiger, Panther, Maus, M103, Hellcat, M4 Sherman, and Tortoise.
  • Bugs and defects of the following damaged vehicles fixed: Т-54, М103, and Tortoise.
  • Certain game client crashes fixed.
  • Volume of gunfire reverted to the level in version 8.11.
  • Effects of dust raised by gunfire debugged.
  • Display of shadows cast by a number of objects on different maps fixed.
  • Issue with player list (TAB) refusing to go off screen fixed.
  • Certain bugs in display of tank’s blown-off turret fixed.
  • Issue with blown-off turret getting suspended in midair fixed.
  • Issue with vehicle getting stuck upon contact with another destroyed vehicle fixed.
  • Camouflage issues affecting certain vehicles fixed.
  • Issue with display of tooltips in “Service Record” window fixed.
  • Text descriptions for settings in “Graphics” tab finalized. 
  • Issue with reticle jumping around when in Sniper mode fixed.
  • Issue with impossibility to change graphics settings in certain cases fixed.
  • Issue with display of gunfire effects while in Sniper mode with disabled additional effects fixed.
  • Issue with tracers being insufficiently bright on certain maps fixed.
  • Issue with transparent landscape being displayed during the 1st second after map downloading fixed.
  • Issues with display of tooltips for historical loadout in “Service” window fixed.
  • Engine exhaust effects debugged.
  • M24 Chaffee tank retains its previous turret.
  • Gunshot effects for certain vehicles fixed.
  • Certain bugs with battle playback fixed.


List of changes between versions 9.0 #1 and Public Test: Historical Battle Game Mode

  • New improved models and textures added to the following vehicles: M18 Hellcat, M103, Tortoise, Maus, Panther.
  • Certain bugs and defects fixed in the updated models of the following tanks: Tiger I, M4 Sherman, Т-54.
  • New Non-Premium Garage added.
  • Fixed the following maps for better game play balance: “Steppes”, “Severogorsk”.
  • Lighting improved on the following maps: “Malinovka”, “Steppes”, “Abbey”, “Himmelsdorf”, “Mountain Pass”.
  • Textures and models of 150 tanks reworked to match new lighting.
  • Mistakes in descriptions of certain medals corrected.
  • Blown-off turret slipping from tank hull implemented.
  • “Change Graphics Settings” modal dialog box added on initial game client launch.
  • Gunshot effects supplemented with dynamic lighting sources.
  • Issue with tanks burning underwater fixed.
  • Garage camera response delay fixed.
  • Certain bugs with rewinding / fast-forwarding during battle playback fixed.
  • Certain malfunctions in updated graphics settings window fixed.
  • Performance drop on “Widepark” map fixed.
  • Issue with possibility to enter into historical battles in a tank of non-historical configuration fixed.
  • Certain tracks display issues affecting updated tank models (gray contours, excessive stretching, etc.) fixed.
  • Issue with improper types of texture being displayed on updated tank models fixed.
  • Volume of tank engine and suspension sounds reconfigured.
  • Volume of shooting and explosion sounds reconfigured.
  • Issues with display of pop-up help messages for historical ammunition fixed.
  • Penetrations indicator performance in after-battle statistics window fixed.
  • Certain graphics issues and new Premium Garage defects fixed.
  • Issue with graphical artifacts appearing when “Motion Blur” is set to low fixed.
  • Synchronization of tracks and driving wheels added.
  • Option to change full-screen effect added depending on whether Coated Optics are mounted or not.
  • Issue with tanks occasionally getting stuck in a battle fixed.
  • Certain game client crashes identified during “Public Test: Historical Battle Game Mode” fixed.


List of changes between versions Public Test: Historical Battle Game Mode and 8.11 #3

New German vehicles added:

  • Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. A, Tier III medium tank
  • Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D, Tier IV medium tank
  • StuG III Ausf. B, Tier IV tank destroyer

The following vehicles have been reworked and improved:

  • Т-54
  • Tiger I
  • M4 Sherman

Suspension issue for improved vehicles fixed.


Mechanics and Fixes


  • “Malinovka”, “Serene Coast”, “Steppes”, “Redshire”, “Mountain Pass”, "Severogorsk", and "Pearl River" maps modified and reworked.
  • New “Historical Battle” mode added.
  • “Confrontation” Random Battle mode removed.
  • New “Graphics” settings window added.
  • Added an option to reduce game area resolution while keeping GUI resolution unchanged (“Dynamic resolution” option in graphics settings).
  • FOV configuration option added.
  • Added an option for setting “Color filter” intensity.
  • Added an option for setting screen refresh rate.
  • Tank turrets now eject from the hull in event of ammunition explosion.
  • New full screen effect in Sniper mode added.
  • Input language indicator added to login screen.
  • New awards added in Team Battles: “Fighting Reconnaissance”, “God of War”, “Will-to-Win Spirit”, “Crucial Shot”, and “For Tactical Operations”.
  • “Vehicles” tab in “Service Record” window reworked and corrected.
  • “Statistics” tab in “Service Record” window reworked.
  • Requirements for “Steel Wall” award changed.
  • Improvements to certain characteristics of Light Mk. VIC and T7 Combat Car tanks added.
  • “Potential damage” score replaced with “Damage blocked by armor” in after-battle statistics.
  • “Voice chat” malfunctions fixed.
  • Visual depiction of “Dispersion indicator” during battle playback fixed.
  • Minor bugs during battle playback fixed.
  • Issue with artillery shells landing out of dispersion circle in Artillery mode fixed.
  • Issue with artillery shells exploding in midair fixed.
  • Issue with game client hanging up on exit fixed.
  • Game client performance on some PC configurations improved.
  • Draw quality of decals* and motion blur effect optimized.
  • Performance issue after enabling track traces fixed.
  • Display of shadows on flora at medium and high settings fixed.
  • Notification and invitation windows when in the Garage fixed.
  • Table displaying tiers of vehicles in queue removed.
  • “Ammunition is empty” message added when pressing F8 after running out of shells.
  • Auto-Aim point selection system changed.
  • Auto-detect system for graphics settings reworked.
  • Draw quality of large lists of vehicles in “Missions” window optimized.
  • All music has been re-mastered.
  • Number of possible complaints per day increased from 5 to 10.
  • Complaint titles changed.
  • “Will-to-Win Spirit” award moved to “Honorary Ranks”.
  • Minor bugs in “Missions” window fixed.
  • Audio interruptions during automatic gun fire fixed.
  • Issues with track traces disappearing and flickering fixed.
  • Occasional issue with shells hitting vehicles without sound effect fixed.
  • Uncontrolled relocations of destroyed vehicles fixed.
  • Issue with spinning wait icon being displayed every minute while in the Garage fixed.
  • Issue with “In Depot” icon displayed after removing permanent Camouflage purchased prior to release of 0.8.11 fixed.
  • Issue with amount of experience displayed in tooltips in respect of researched vehicle or module fixed.
  • In “Vehicles” statistics tab, display of statistics by awards obtained in Team Battles fixed.
  • Issue with occasional delayed awarding or not awarding “Abrams' Medal” fixed.
  • Win percentage rounding fixed.
  • Issue with connection to training room voice chat upon client re-launch fixed.
  • Draw quality issue with tracer outside shell trajectory fixed.
  • Dynamic target (Gunner's) viewpoint added to target points subject to visibility checks from (Commander's above-turret and Gunner's on-gun) viewpoints.
  • Issue with after-battle saving of distance from camera to player's vehicle fixed.
  • High-Explosive shells will not explode when hitting a crew member located outside a vehicle (for open-type SPGs).
  • Performance issue with Tank Company filter by Commander's name fixed.

* Decal is a special texture that can be applied over a base texture. For example, blood, bullet or shell holes, logos, etc.


List of Vehicle Changes

T7 Combat Car:

  • Maximum forward and reverse speed increased from 38.6 to 56 km/h, and from 16 to 20 km/h, respectively.
  • Ammunition capacity changed from 1,100 to 1,350 shells.
  • 12.7mm MG HB M2, 12.7mm MG HB M2 A and 12.7mm T23 heavy machine guns:
  • Rate of fire per shell container increased from 450 to 550 r/m.
  • Gun range increased from 350 to 395 m.
  • Penetration increased from 22 to 27 mm.

Light Mk. VIC:

  • Gun range increased from 350 to 395 m.
  • Penetration increased from 25 to 27 mm.

This information may be subject to change until final release.