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Twitter Quiz Winners

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Tank Commanders,

Thank you all for your support shown towards our first Twitter Quiz!

Here are the list of winners who were randomly selected from the pool of entries with the correct answers.

No. IGN Prize
1 Gensokyo 300
2 WelkinW 300
3 VenoMonster 300
4 raigo 300
5 rillian13 300
6 SNSD_TankCommander 300
7 skydai 300
8 Tiket 300
9 Rosethorn 300
10 Gling24 300

Congratulations to all winners! Thank you for your participation and interest in the event. World of Tanks will be organizing more events and  contests for you to take part in so don't be disappointed if you didn't win this time round. Stay tuned for more news!