The Return of Tanks.TV and the WOT ANZ Livestream!

The holidays are officially over, and now that the ANZ Team have got their feet firmly on the ground, JayRated will be kicking off the return of the World of Tanks ANZ Twitch Livestream officially this afternoon at 3PM UTC+11! As usual, Vondle will be following him next week in the usual rotating fortnightly switcheroo!

On top of this we have a bunch of new offerings and shows coming to Tanks.TV which will be kicking off on the 1st of February! Just as Vondle and Jay trade places each fortnight, Tanks.TV will be offering a fairly usual rotation of shows over the same two-week period, with a sprinkling of unique content at certain times throughout each month! Here are the shows you can start looking forward to:


We’re bringing Tanks back to its simplest form for Plat-Chat. Watch your favourite ANZ CC’s join together in a platoon and play Tanks! Great gameplay and great conversation, a nice laid back way to kick off the Tanks.TV Week!

Tracks of Fortune

One of the most popular shows from last year returns! Tracks of Fortune pairs Tanks with a touch of RNG. Before each game our CC will spin the wheels deciding Tier, Nation, Class and Strategy. Tune in for some hilarious combinations and to see how your ANZ CCs deal with the random choices given to them.


On-Track will be a show dedicated to the upcoming On-Track for that month! One of the ANZ CCs will take on the tech tree and showcase how to handle each tank, their strengths and weaknesses, how to play through the line effectively and show off what you’ve got to look forward to once you get to the end!

Master and Commander

Want to get your hands on some one on one time with our most experienced CCs? This is the show you’ve been waiting for! Each show, one community member will be mentored on various aspects of the game they’re interested in, from tank class usage, specific tank usage, positioning, maps and more! If you’d like to apply to be mentored please click the button below!

Click here to apply!

Tuesday Tutoring

Every other Tuesday, our ANZ CC (and the World of Tanks University clan’s Commander) Ravvi will be taking the entire stream on a tutoring frenzy, covering important aspects of tanks that will improve your skill and performance in World of Tanks. Ravvi will also sometimes feature replays of where decisions could have been elevated to alter the outcome of the situation, or even the entire battle!

Talking Tanks

Meta Monday with a new time and new name. Join our CCs as they discuss upcoming patches, new tanks, the Super Test and any important upcoming news on World of Tanks, and how it might impact the game, the meta, or add some interesting new features. They might even have the inside scoop on some unreleased information!

Tracked As

Strap on your jandals and join New Zealand’s favourite Content Creator Mattacus as he streams his adventures with Tanks! Sometimes he’ll be joined by his Kiwi compatriots for a double or triple dose of ‘Tracked As Tanks”. Tune in for more choice Kiwi content than you can shake a chilly bin at!

Cyn Speaks / Cyn Screams

Join World of Tanks Asia BOSS CynicalSilicon as he either speaks about tanks with you all tuning in, or on the other night of his show where he’ll jump head first into tanks and give you a no holds barred take of his adventures in World of Tanks. 

Clan Showcase

This show is one we’re very excited to be doing. Once a month one of our CCs will be hosting a clan from the region as well as their commander or caller. They’ll go over what their clan stands for, what they’re about and what kind of community they’re fostering as well as their goals for the global map. They’ll then go over four replays (one dominating win, one close win, one close loss and one complete loss) and go over what happened, and the reasoning of their strategies for that battle and ways they could have done better or improved. It’s a great way to see what the clans in the region are doing, and a good way for you to potentially scout a clan you’d be interested in joining!

There we have it, the complete lineup of shows on Tanks.TV. We’ll be releasing a proper schedule Monday next week to showcase the shows, their times and who’s hosting them for the month of February. We’re super excited to unveil these new shows, and hope you enjoy the new offerings on the ever improving Tanks.TV