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Tank Company Event Winners

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Tank Commanders,

Last week, we held the Tank Company Event (Mid-Tier) where players had to form a tank company and win a challenge against the WG Tank Company.

When the battles started, players were really pumped up and adrenaline was rushing. Volleys of gunfire were exchanged and the teams gave a great display of their skills. To say that the event was exciting was an understatement.

Now that the dust has settled after a bout of fierce battles, it’s time to announce the results of this encounter!

For your outstanding performances, players who defeated the WG Tank Company will be rewarded with 500 gold each.  Those who didn’t manage to will still get 250 gold each. We had an impromptu award for the best battle played that day so players who were a part of the battle will be receiving an additional 250 gold on top of their initial earnings.


Tank Company Event (Mid-Tier) Winners

500 Gold - Winners

303196541 Baidu_TNTViVi Facebook911 WangWeiHan qiao
setting kakaluotede Garnet_Crow Fox_ Baidu_SB_Philippines
403f RKO1996 Sturzkampf skydai izidious
S373N chc82 Gryphon yanrei davud1537
Shandys AskyLitDRIVE Grif Ramstein Tipaklong
kbkman Sillber ansellc IJeffI Gauvain
SgtBlackBurn richken Bang IronChancellor seahchye
Trynot2 Monoceros thebruce01 limyt88 yechtt
soap Elite SuwakoMeriya Fockewulff47 Itsuharu


250 Gold - Consolation

msLs06 RICOCHET joeyjom231 madiba127 ForgiveMe97
Jainzar nigelanbu16 xXx_27_xXx Kia melvs2012
Anonymous4245 GwrX H0UNd SPQRRome Aleterix
Plisskin27 Steelknight asg_papabear dennisboiz Deathskyz
general_kwy Insomnium GeneralRif soff_killer MrCrime
chibisakura panglima dairoukuten kasutbesi give_me_a_name
kalashnikov88 jacksonkhoo MerkavaMK_xIx mrzzzzz ironshot
edg19 Howdy Deathenizer 21Guns Ammerx
Lanzs KingTiger503 76LXXVI RushHush ninjapippa
pinoyruzt Moganic Kurohara Kunjuro coves84
blackhumba ThinkTanker mangaTom spawn9263 code153
Shirath Jun-60 101stAirborneDivision jaze24 BanlagRP
Dodge mcnester GRATAN animalistix YeahManPartII
lukyemo Kenjo39 latinyo TurboHawk ohmminecraft
aniruttle meengineer2004 wingzero 0NEMAN 13ai3yi3eai2
MKIIOy narut911 Th_Warheads TeamTacticz TenGkerR
demon009 NaughtyBoy19 BlackShadowAlpha197 brainset superjet03
Zgames charlieblaze      


500 + 250 Gold - Best Battle Award

Lygnars Anutoh prayer0 BoNe11 Batman
joshhygie vavaBOOM papubino Mage11 jellyace41

Congratulations to all Tank Commanders!