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Announcement of Public Test: Strongholds [UPDATED]


Public Test #1 will be stopped on 16th July (Wed) @ 12:00 UTC.

Tank Commanders!

We are pleased to announce that the Public Test for Strongholds will be available to all players from 19th June to 23rd June. This is an opportunity for clans and players to participate and interact with the new features!

To participate in the test you need to do the following steps:

  1.  Download & Run the installer found here.
  2.  Update the game via launcher.

Please install the test game launcher in a different folder, other than the current game client version! Also switch off the game client before installing the update.

About the Strongholds Public Test

'Strongholds' represent clan property and consist of a virtual military base, zones surrounding the base as well as auxiliary buildings. Strongholds may be created by clan commanders for free.

Here is a list of main features included in the Strongholds Public Test:

  • Ability to create a Stronghold and upgrade it to Level 4.
  • Ability to build Stronghold structures that produce special 'Reserves' (bonuses) and upgrade them to Level 4.
  • Ability to participate in Skirmishes to gain Industrial Resources.
  • Industrial Resources yield will be boosted three times (x3 bonus).

Note: The ability to attack other Strongholds will not be available during the Public Test.

Strongholds Public Test Information

  1. The Public Test will be available from 19th June 2014 to 23rd June 2014.
  2. The Public Test will be available to players who have registered their accounts before early June 2014.
  3. If a player has changed his login password before early June 2014, he or she will be able to log in to the Public Test server with his previous password.
  4. Clans that were registered before early June 2014 will be able to participate in the Public Test instantly. Do note that all clan tags will be changed randomly during the Public Test.
  5. It is possible for players without a clan to create a test clan in the Public Test server. Please visit this link for more details.

Please note that all changes with Clans will not be carried over to the regular servers upon conclusion of the Public Test.

Additional Notes

  • Payments of any sort will not be available on the Public Test Server.
  • Each player in the Public Test will receive 20,000 gold, 100,000,000 EXP and 100,000,000 credits
  • The income rate for EXP and Credits will be on the same level.
  • All achievements attained in the Public Test will not be carried over to the regular servers upon conclusion of the Public Test.

Join the Public Test!

The first iteration of any new feature is always an exciting one, and Strongholds will be no different. If you've downloaded the Public Test client already, you can proceed to create a test clan and begin tinkering with Strongholds. Tutorials/FAQs are also available if you want to learn more about it.

Roll out!

Note: content in link is available in Russian and English only. Preferences may be set via language options.

Create a Test Clan here

Read the Tutorial/FAQ page for Strongholds

Visit the Strongholds section in the Forums