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[SG][Results] 8th June Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge

Tank Commanders,

During the last Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge, we issued a challenge to anyone who dared to come take on one of the strongest teams in Singapore, Team Insidious Gaming, World of Tanks for a shot at 35,000 gold should they manage to topple the team. Team Insidious Gaming, World of Tanks managed to fend off the contenders to retain their title of the reigning team in Singapore. 

Well, although no one has managed to beat the team yet, some of them did not go home empty handed. Congratulations to all who emerged winners for the Cybercafe Challenge. We hope you enjoy your prizes!

[SG][Results] 8th June Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge

1st place — crazib —Reward: 5,000+ 1,500

2nd place — SickTank —Reward: 3,000+ 1,500

3rd place — aurelius —Reward: 2,000+ 1,500

These players have accumulated 4 kills in the Cybercafe Challenge with tier VI or above HT and will be rewarded with 1,500
__RNG__, Griftz, NoSmokey, AwsmPie, TianLi, newnar, Leraxx, Nakidonz, JimmyJim, siaoz, Zero_Vermilion, Sp4rt4nKai, Kampfzerstorer, ryantanker16, Cetus, Deathskyz, Elite, Kiyoshi101, brotherxxy, Nikolai69, ZetoArrow, iamsodamsian, b1uetears, Rapax, mervinos, Strychnine, SnowGal, Kynes, youwing, NoThing29, ShaoYe, TwoOneSierra, Inuka13, VenoMonster, Silverheart, xDartharusx, WhiteArch, TitanuzMech, Arbystrider, DragonQuan, eques, WhiteKnightSG, Andreas_Lucius, BladeWong, FlankerXraveN, FoxDuMilde, Hobbes00, Ledan, homingk, mufufu1, Omega_Rugal, Isopach, Engared, Red_The_Hunter, ChillX, uncommons, lacushime24, TerraStryker, unclecat, tjiabk, Shilouette, CAVIAR, pred_error, aeon_ace, oldnick, JJJ_78, FighterHawk, Aqualight, AJ81, VooDooChild, johnkoh88, Hannt, Elastic_Little_Brother