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Server Maintenance on 15 November, 2014

The World of Tanks team would like to inform all players that there will be a maintenance on the server on 15 November, 2014 (Saturday) starting from 05:15 UTC+8 (14 November, 21:15 UTC). It will take approximately ~ 45 minutes.

World of Tanks Update 0.9.4_1 server micropatch will be applied during this downtime.

We thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

Patch Notes

  • Issue with damage received when vehicles brush against each other’s sides fixed.
  • Issue with markers of allies on the minimap getting stuck when the player is more than 500 m away from the ally fixed.
  • Damage model of the M53/M55 SPG superstructure fixed.
  • Issue with the ability to use a First Aid Kit or a Repair Kit when they have already been used from the menu fixed.
  • Scaling of elements in the experience conversion window when scrolling the list of vehicles for a certain amount of time fixed.
  • Twitching of the server reticle when entering and exiting the Sniper mode fixed.
  • Issue with general chat displayed for both teams in the Special Battle mode fixed.
  • Issue with the Platoon chat turning off upon disabling the battle chat in the Random Battle mode fixed.
  • Hang up when awaiting a battle in the Stronghold mode fixed.
  • Issues with the minimap on the Stalingrad map fixed.
  • Color of the summer German Camouflage fixed.
  • Hang up in Battles for Stronghold when the invitation to the battle room was accepted too quickly fixed.
  • Option to retrain crew members to the Tiger test vehicle removed.