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[Results] [SG] 21 Dec Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge

Tank Commanders,

We hope you had enjoyed our last event, the [SG] 21 Dec Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge! The challenge presented enabled players to give their team mates gold just by playing and achieving 4 kills in a battle. It's all in the spirit of giving for Christmas so we're pretty sure both parties had fun trying to win their friends some gold during the challenge.

Here are the winners of the Sharing is Caring Challenge!

[Results] [SG] 21 Dec Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge: Sharing is Caring!

1st place — ISG_SeahChye —Reward: 5,000+ 1,000

2nd place — Henderick1105 —Reward: 3,000+ 1,000

3rd place — Silverheart —Reward: 2,000+ 1,000

These players will be rewarded with 1,000
Tr011er, xxkillingmcx, ForwardUntoD4wn, BaconatorSarge, paperleaf, ISG_Black4, proshot21, seniorferrari, Coldtitanium, ISG_Griftz, ledan, kampfzerstorer, FlankerXraveN, ZetoArrow, Falchion, TitanuzMech, xDatharusx, Baesille, Yony84, Tank_Commando33, alisterrox, ISG_DeathSkyz, CrimsonFirebird, vyre, MBAR95, etep, xKOKONOEx, CounterKV2, Liquidambar, ThePowerOfLove, who1992