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[Results] Triple Threat #11

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Tank Commanders!

This is it. After a few long weeks of searching, we at last have a winner of the Royal Straight Flush category in Triple Threat #11. Congratulations to oosukannon for winning the top prize of 9,000!

But of course, he's not the only one walking away with free gold in the pocket. Scroll down below to have a look at the other winners of the contest, or download oosukannon's replay here to see how he did it. Alternatively, you can also watch the Youtube video here:


Click on the winner's name to see winning screenshot.

Rapid Response

Each winner will be awarded with 500:

Straight Flush

The winner will be awarded with 1,000:

Lady Luck's Favourites

Each winner will be awarded 500:

Royal Straight Flush

The winner will be awarded 9,000: