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[Results] Battlefield of Love

Tank Commanders!

We were greatly moved by your courageous expression of affection with your tanks. You have proved your worth not only in the field of battles, but also the field of love! Great feats of love will never be forgotten, and neither will your participation in the Battlefield of Love event.

Here are the winners of 1,000:


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1 _hina_ 1,000
2 MotKichDuaTang 1,000
3 Subete_Yoi 1,000
4 nmdelrio 1,000
5 SuwakoMoriya 1,000
6 Ajiz13 1,000
7 DirtyDirtyGreen 1,000
8 Arswann_jp 1,000
9 CHAlRMAN 1,000
10 Jadeiteangel