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[Results] Last Tank Standing #6

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Tank Commanders,

We're pleased to announce the winners of the Last Tank Standing Event #6. For successfully defeating all opponents to remain the sole survivor, these resilient Tank Commanders will be receiving a reward of 1,500 gold for their achievement.

Congratulations to all winners. We look forward to hosting everyone again in the next Last Tank Standing event!

[Results] Last Tank Standing Event #6 - 1,500

  • 2013Element
  • BBKillPlom
  • bidbid
  • blackgoat
  • Butmunkie
  • gandhoel
  • iamsodamsian
  • Kitty_White
  • Kliemax
  • m0n4g3
  • Mr_911
  • Munky101
  • rustynuts
  • Skylinz
  • SLIMaxPower
  • urna
  • wonderfulcaoyi
  • xaii_rie
  • zzprepro
  • sonofnun
  • Baffles
  • Dannerz